Laws Flight

Laws Flight
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command

The Laws Flight were a helicopter-only mercenary unit in the Succession Wars era, and were noted users of the Warrior H-7 attack helicopter.


In 3021, they defended Kimball VI against a raid by Wilson's Hussars (who were then working for Redjack Ryan). In this action, Laws Flight harassed the lighter elements of the raiding force and lured them into Serval Canyon, a box canyon where infantry ambushed the attackers with man-portable short-range missile launchers and inferno missiles.[1] The raiders retreated, leaving three crippled 'Mechs behind.[2] (One source[3] refers to this action as the famous "defense of Kimball II in 3021", which is apparently in error. It should be noted that Kimball II is indeed the primary inhabited world in the Kimball system, with Kimball VI only a minor mining outpost.)

After that, the unit was moved to Liezen once the planet had been recaptured by the LCAF, where they assisted in counterinsurgency operations in the mountains. During those years the unit did little of note, causing it to suffer from morale issues and an increasing lack of operational readiness. Eventually, only four Warriors were left operational.

Since Lindy Laws inherited the unit from her mother, she has turned the fortunes of the company around.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Laws Flight[2]
Commander Nancy Laws 3021 - 3030[1][2]
Commander Lindy Laws 3071[4]


Since Lindy Laws took command, the Laws Flight moves toward opponents and drops off their infantry under cover. The infantry harasses the enemy until they come across the hidden anti-'Mech infantry, who then ambush them.[4]

Composition History[edit]


A company of Warrior H-7 helicopters.[2]


A mix of Ripper-Ks and Warriors.[4]


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