Lawyers, Guns, & Money

Lawyers, Guns, & Money
Product information
Type Scenario pack (PDF)
Development R. Scott Taylor
Primary writing Charles Wilson
Theodore Wilson
R. Scott Taylor
Pages 20
Cover artwork Karl Waller
Joel Biske (Coloring)
Raymond Arrastia (Design)
Interior artwork Tom Baxa
Peter Bergting
Joel Biske
Doug Chaffee
Paul Daly
Earl Geier
Rick Harris
Malcolm Hee
Mike Jackson
Jeff Laubenstein
Ray Lederer
John Paul Lona
Larry MacDougall
Dave MacKay
Bradley McDevitt
Jim Nelson
Mike Nielsen
Anthony Sczcudlo
Franz Vohwinkel
Loston Wallace
Karl Waller
Gary T. Washington
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code n/a
First published 2003
Era Civil War era
Timeline 3067

Lawyers, Guns, & Money is a scenario pack created by the FanPro Commandos, a group of freelance promoters and playtesters associated with FanPro (with thanks and acknowledgements to Line Developer Randall N. Bills). The scenarios were played out in a worldwide series of events under the supervision of the Commandos in 2003. FanPro subsequently made the scenario pack available for free download. Its content is fully canonical.


The scenario pack is written as a series of reports by Chief Investigator Ananias S. Lundt, Esquire, P.C., to Duke Pierre Benton of Epsilon Eridani. The reports date from 25 May to 2 June 3067 and reconstruct what happened on the planet during an incident on 20/21 May 3067 where fighting erupted between two local mercenary units.

It turns out that Epsilon Eridani was apparently the HQ of the SLDF 5th Army. On 11 March 2767, during the Amaris Coup, a Colossus-class DropShip crashlanded at a depot in the Shamus Mountains while trying to evacuate SLDF forces who were being overrun by Rim Worlds Republic forces. Ever since, LosTech prospectors have been searching for the wreckage and the depot.

70-year-old George Santos found the depot and the DropShip within it in mid-May 3067. He explored the site for two days, took the head of a security robot with him as proof and went off to sell his find. Celebrating his find in a bar and getting slightly drunk he eventually presented the robot head to MechWarriors from the Lone Star Regiment (in the employ of General Atomics) and Redfield's Renegades (in the employ of Minroc Mines Interstellar). This sparked a treasure hunt as the MechWarriors immediately contacted their respective commanders. Rivalries between the mercenary units caused an overall hostile atmosphere which was greatly enhanced by the prospect of finding an invaluable LosTech cache. After a friendly fire accident caused by equipment malfunction, the situation quickly escalated out of control.


Scenario 1: The mistake[edit]

While on patrol in the Shamus Mountains, two lances from each side clash after a Renegades' Hunchback accidentally fired on an Assassin from the Lone Stars, seriously wounding the pilot.

In his report, Lund notes that the Hunchback was found badly mauled and the pilot apparently stepped on after ejecting in the aftermath of the battle; he thinks it could be viewed as a war crime.

Scenario 2: A developing situation[edit]

The Lone Stars believe treachery over the suspected LosTech treasure to be behind the attack, and when the Rangers confront them paranoia and misunderstandings lead to the Renegades attacking the Lone Star base, prompting them to fight in self-defense. Again, two lances face off on each side.

Scenario 3: Payback's a MedEvac[edit]

The attack on the base has turned the conflict into a personal one as Ranger-Major Megan Davis' husband was killed there. As the Lone Stars' XO she took command of two lances and went hunting for Renegades 'Mechs who were equally on edge.

Scenario 4: What're we fightin' for?[edit]

During the fighting, the Renegades have found the Star League depot. Their scout infantry sealed themselves in while the Lone Stars attacked the position.

In his concluding report, Lundt points out that while both mercenary battalions did extensive damage to each other, they might easily replenish their losses from the depot. He advises not to pursue legal action because it would just confirm and advertise the existence of the depot; since no Epsilon Eridani citizens were harmed, it arguably does not concern the government. In the long term, staying on good terms with the mercenary garrisons may benefit Epsilon Eridani more than a legal fight over a depot that will be completely looted by the time the lawsuit is done.


Later publications (Technical Readout: 3075, Field Manual: Mercenaries, Revised and Mercenaries Supplemental Update) establish that the Lone Star Regiment handed the Redfield Renegades a defeat and destroyed over a battalion of 'Mechs and warriors, but suffered two-thirds losses to its battalion in this incident as well. The Lone Stars replaced much of their lost equipment from the Star League cache. They also acquired the Colossus-class DropShip.

Both mercenary commands subsequently went to work for the Word of Blake in the Jihad and were consequently listed on the MRBC's Wanted list for contravention of interstellar law.

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  • The PDF file version for download from is not available anymore. CGL announced that they intend to make the scenario available for download again on their new site. In the meantime it can be found in Sarna's download section (here).