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League (DropShip class)

This article is about the DropShip class. For other uses, see League (disambiguation).
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The League is a class of DropShip that is known only through one single vessel of the class, the Assagai. What little information known about the ship class is taken from that single ship's description, though ambiguous wording implies that the Assagai may in fact be a modified League-class vessel and not represent the standard configuration.

This DropShip class has not been mentioned anywhere else. However, its entry in the Master Unit List confirms that it is a canonical DropShip class though, distinct from the League-class WarShip.[1]


In its introduction, the Assagai is described as an "old League-class ship, one outfitted as an orbital headquarters and communications relay vessel for Marik planetary operations."[2]

Being described as an "old" ship from a 3028 viewpoint, near the end of the Succession Wars era, suggests that the ship and ship class are likely a Star League era design.

The ambiguous wording ("one outfitted as...") leaves it open if the orbital headquarters and communications relay capabilities on the Assagai were standard for a League-class DropShip, or if the Assagai had received an individual refit resulting in those capabilities.

Furthermore, dish antennae are mentioned as being "deployed from communications equipment bays high up near the armored bulge that marks the ship's bridge", one directed at the planet below (while in orbit) and one directed outward into deep space, toward the jump point.[2] This seems to infer an aerodyne (as opposed to a spheroid) DropShip design.

Named vessels[edit]

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