Legality Rating

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Legality Rating is a code used in the MechWarrior Role Playing Game indicating how controlled a class of Combat Support Vehicles, 'Mech, (or other) mounted equipment, or subsystems found in the same. Its primary function is to designate how much governments control public (and mercenary) access to the systems are in given regions in the BattleTech universe. A similar system was used in the MechWarrior, Second Edition roleplaying game.

Legality Rating Label Description
A Unrestricted Items in this category can be purchased with little or no governmental control, that is, from your average everyday convenience store.
B Monitored Some legal requirements to age or other requirements must be met before it is possible to purchase or use these items
C Licenced Legal purchase and use require a nominally easy to acquire governmental licence.
D Controlled Use or purchase of these items are illegal on most civilized worlds outside of specifically authorized members of Governmental, Police or Military Organizations. Yes this does specifically exclude Mercenaries from being able to purchase or use them legally without a permit.
E Restricted Use or purchase of these items is highly illegal except for Governmental or Military Personnel that have been directly ordered to do so by those in authority to so order. Private Citizens and Mercenaries found to be in possessions of these items are subject to arrest, as are any governmental and military personnel not currently ordered to be in possession of these items.
F Highly Restricted/Top Secret Contains top secret materials or technology that is only available to properly cleared and credentialed governmental or military personnel. Civilians, Police and Mercenaries found to be in possession would be in a world of hurt.