Legend of the Jade Phoenix

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The Legend of the Jade Phoenix (omnibus)
Product information
Type Novel (trilogy)
Author Robert Thurston
Pages 864
Cover Artwork Fred Gambino
Interior Artwork Jeff Laubenstein
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
First published 07 October 2003
ISBN-10 0451459512
ISBN-13 978-0451459510
Era Succession Wars era
Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3030s-3052

The Legend of the Jade Phoenix trilogy, by Robert Thurston, is the story of the fall and redemption of Aidan Pryde, hero of Clan Jade Falcon.

  1. Way of the Clans (August 1991)
  2. Bloodname (October 1991)
  3. Falcon Guard (December 1991)

In 2003 the series was republished in an omnibus entitled The Legend of the Jade Phoenix.

In the thirty-first century, the BattleMech is the ultimate war machine—an unstoppable engine of destruction. And the Clans are the ultimate warriors, high-tech soldiers genetically engineered to be the most fearsome BattleMech pilots of all.

Aidan Pryde aspires to be a young warrior of the Jade Falcon Clan. First he must undergo a rigorous series of trials that will either earn him a coveted Bloodname—or cast him out in disgrace. With a Bloodname comes honor, respect, and the distinction of being one of the best warriors in the galaxy.

But not all battles are fought in the field behind the controls of a BattleMech. Aidan will find that his toughest challenge yet will be within his mind: to maintain his humanity amid the horrors of war and the soul-killing threat of failure. Only the strongest will survive—and bring honor and glory to the Clan.