Legion of Honor

Legion of Honor
Unit Profile (as of 3079)
Parent Formation None
Formed The Succession Wars

Unit Description[edit]

The Legion of Honor were a Pirate Band of unknown origin.


The Legion of Honor was the pirate band of Gorman Toth. They raided Marik worlds until House Marik contracted the Kell Hounds to defend that section of the Marik Commonwealth. After seeing the Kell Hounds destroy some other small pirate bands Toth hatched a plan with another pirate Hassin Hys in which his Legion of Honor would attack Mankova while Hys and his band would attack Bismarck so the Kell Hounds could not stop both of them.

When the Legion of Honor assaulted Mankova and found the Kell Hounds there, Toth taunted Patrick Kell explaining to him that Hassin Hys was assaulting Bismarck and he could do nothing about it. With this he got what he expected; the Kell Hounds left the planet to finish off Hassin.

Meanwhile, Gorman Toth and his 'Mech company raided like children let loose in a candy shop. Toth soon heard rumors that a Star League depot had been discovered during the last Marik Civil War, but that the citizens had kept it quiet because they did not want fighting over the regiment of new 'Mechs in the depot. Hearing that the depot had been located during strip mining, Toth's raiders headed for the mining area of the planet: Foredam Mining District.

Unknown to Toth, the Kell Hounds double tricked him. First, after jumping to Bismarck and while travelling to the planet, they broadcasted a message telling Hys that Toth had sold him out. Hassin Hys immediately retreated out of the system and the Kell Hounds turned their attention back to Toth. Their second trick was the rumor of Mankova's Star League depot. It was a rumor prepared by the Kell Hounds, When Toth's Legion of Honor arrived, instead of a Battalion of 'Mechs, they found the Kell Hounds Battalion, waiting to ambush and destroy Toth's Legion of Honor. The Kell Hounds split off their AeroSpace company and Jump Infantry company to block every possible escape route. After that they forced a 'Mech engagement with the Legion. The pirates lost cohesion and began a withdraw only yo be stopped by Hounds units blocking their escape routes. The flight ended with the Legion destroyed. Not all the MechWarriors were slain, but none escaped. The tales that swept throughout the Periphery were that Gorman Toth's people simply vanished.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Legion of Honor
Gorman Toth 3017


No tactic has been described for the unit

Composition History[edit]


Legion of Honor (Company/Regular)[2]

  • Leader Lance[2]
  • Attack Lance[2]
  • Probe Lance[2]


Not all of the Legion's 'Mechs were in full fighting condition.

Game Rules[edit]

No rules defined for the unit.


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