Died 10 Sept 3050?
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Star Captain

Lents (b. ???? – d. 10 Sept 3050?) was a trueborn MechWarrior in Clan Jade Falcon. She participated in the early stages of Operation REVIVAL as an officer in the Falcon Guards Cluster.[1] Lents is noted as being both loyal and meticulous; she took pains to keep her OmniMech in pristine condition at all times.


Star Captain Lents was in charge of the Falcon Guards' Trinary Echo, which was a mixed formation comprising OmniMechs and Elementals. Her assigned OmniMech during the Twycross campaign was a Mad Cat. [2] She operated her Mad Cat as if it were a light 'Mech, but her piloting gifts did not transfer to her command style. [3]


The Twycross Campaign[edit]

While capable in defence, Lents displayed an unimaginative approach to offensive operations, including battles against the Twycross TMM in 3050. Her Trinary was usually deployed as the "anvil" against which the rest of the Falcon Guards crushed their foes. Lents' demonstrated lack of initiative did not bode well for her career chances, and it seemed likely that she would have "tested down".

An Uncertain Ending[edit]

Lents and her Trinary were with the rest of the Falcon Guards at the Great Gash when the Federated Commonwealth staged a counterattack in September 3050. While the vast majority of the Guards Cluster was wiped out in the collapse of the Great Gash[4], Lents' status was never confirmed.


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