Leo Koga

Leo Koga
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Profession Khan

Leo Koga (b. 30?? - d. 30??) was the Khan of Clan Coyote as of 3085.[1]


Helping to bring his Clan back from the depths of ruin in the wake of the Wars of Reaving, Khan Leo Koga has had to lead his Clan into a future being shunned by most of his peers for the Coyote's role during the struggle against the Society.[1]

Serving Clan Coyote[edit]

Leo Koga was the commander of the Coyote's Xi Galaxy before it was decommissioned in 3056 by Khan Sullivan Koga, whom he had briefly served alongside several years earlier in the Golden Keshik. He would soon be transferred from the Golden Keshik and tapped to lead Xi, and soon afterward became leader of the Koga Bloodname House. Instead of being relegated to Star Colonel after the decommissioning of his command, he was chosen as the new Galaxy Commander of Nu Galaxy when its previous commander was assigned to the 397th Solahma Cluster.[2][3]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

After their collusion with the Society was uncovered, the Coyotes lived on borrowed time as their worlds were assaulted one by one, each falling to their vengeful enemy, Clan Steel Viper. Soon the only Coyote planet left was Tamaron. It had long been fortified against the inevitable day that the final stroke would fall upon them.[4]

Clan Coyote's last stand started with an intense battle in space above the world, before the Vipers landed in force, crushing the Coyote's Epsilon, Delta, Lambda and Rho Galaxies, while losing three Galaxies of their own. Stopping just short of the most developed areas of Tamaron, ilKhan Brett Andrews issued a challenge to the Coyote Khans personally, not wishing to become embroiled in an urban brawl. After a short meeting between Coyote Khan Elliot McKibben, saKhan Raven Clearwater and the Steel Viper Khans, only the Vipers remained. The Coyote's subduing was complete.[5]

With their futures hanging in the balance - to be decided by the ilKhan at the next Grand Council meeting in February of 3075 - all surviving Coyote warriors were rounded up at Ute City, on the western shores of the continent of Dustland. Galaxy Commander Leo Koga was elected Khan of the Coyotes at some point during this time, with Laura McTighe as his saKhan. Their new struggle was only beginning.[1][6]

Aftermath: The Cleansing[edit]

The Coyotes would not have to pay the ultimate price, but they would not walk away from the greatest treason perpetrated since the time of the Not-Named Clan without penalty, either. Ordered by the Grand Council to eliminate any warriors who worked with the Society, the only Coyotes who remained were the ones who fought against the scientists and warriors loyal to the Society. If any doubt remained regarding a warrior, they would have to fight a one on one Trial of Cleansing, with the choice of contests belonging to the warrior in good standing. If the warrior in doubt won, they would be deemed "cleansed", with little honor lost for the losing warrior. Galaxy Commander Noemi McKibben would fight a Trial of Refusal to avoid this harsh penalty, but to no avail. After all was said and done, Leo Koga's warrior base collapsed by yet another 55% due to the Trials.[6][7]

Clan Justice[edit]

The course of the Grand Council meeting would not go as ilKhan Andrews likely envisioned it. Khan Stanislov N'Buta of Clan Star Adder would call for a Reaving of Clan Steel Viper, to eliminate the final vestige of Inner Sphere taint, precipitating his immediate murder by an enraged ilKhan Andrews. Khan Hollyann Kardaan of Clan Cloud Cobra would call for the Annihilation of the corrupt Steel Vipers. Having just witnessed the ilKhan's personal disregard for Clan law and honor, the Grand Council resoundingly voted in favor of the Annihilation. After being swiftly stripped of authority and office, the Bloody ilKhan was beaten to death by then saKhan Hannibal Banacek of the Adders after demanding a Trial of Refusal against the Grand Council. The Vipers would fall back and prepare for the onslaught. The Coyotes prepared to regain some of their lost honor, all the while taking part in their final chance for revenge.[8]

On Circe's main continent, the Coyotes would act in concert with their brother Clans, mainly the newly formed Clan Stone Lion. Leading the 81st Strike Cluster and the Golden Keshik, Khan Leo Koga kept the Steel Vipers contained, hunting down the survivors in the ruins of Dehra Dun. During the rest of the Trial, the Coyotes performed as well as they could with the shattered forces at hand, regaining a portion of their Clan honor, though they were still shunned for the most part by the other Clans.[1][8][9]

Way of the Coyote[edit]

Khan Leo Koga would recognize a spiritual brother in newly founded Clan Stone Lion, working with them since before the Steel Vipers met their end. Both Clans would trade or Trial for resources from each other, each breathing easier politically and economically for the arrangement. Though he had the Winson Bloodline (obtained from Clan Wolf in 3071[10]) to leverage deals with other Clans, Khan Koga would have to struggle with the problem of tainted Bloodlines, working to restart their eugenics program with fresh scientists after carrying out the Annihilation of 95% of their scientist caste. Khan Koga would authorize the reactivation of several Bloodlines that had been reaved in the 30th century during the Blood Scandal, heritages that were lying in a dormant state of limbo, perfectly isolated from Inner Sphere taint. [1][11]

The Coyote shortage of scientists would be somewhat alleviated by fighting bitter trials against rival Clans for groups of trained researchers. They would take to the problem of scarce interstellar transportation by opening the orbital docks above Kirin, hoping to contract repair work on other Clan's naval assets. When Society enclaves were located on Ironhold, Babylon, and Barcella - as well as a Dark Caste Bandit group on the fringe of Clan space - the Coyotes were there to destroy each of them, showing the other Clans that they were willing to take responsibility for the situation.[1]

The Blood Spirit Resolution[edit]

In 3082, the Stone Lions would stumble upon the hidden sanctuary of Clan Blood Spirit, an isolated star system named Colleen. Around this star orbited two worlds, Haven and Honor. The system was located anti-spinward of the Kerensky Cluster in the depths of largely interstellar space off the rim of the Clan's globular cluster, hidden from brethren that they had grown to hate. The Coyotes would soon learn the secret from the Stone Lions. In 3083, Khan Koga led Nu Galaxy in an assault on several enclaves on the world of Honor, seizing the Spirit's former capital, Glasgow, along with three BattleMech factory complexes in a land grab that also included the Cloud Cobras and Stone Lions.[1][12]

The Blood Spirits retaliated as expected by Khan Koga, but instead of the remnants of a shattered Alpha Galaxy, Blood Spirit Khan Bryce Schmitt armed the civilian populations, effectively adding another Cluster of forces to the attack. The mob then stormed Glasgow and cornered the Coyotes in a small fortified area of the city. Angrily, Khan Koga declared every citizen carrying armament to be dezgra, his forces going on to cut down over seven thousand armed lower castemen. After speaking with the Stone Lion's Loremaster Jackie Ravenwater - whose Clan was also having difficulties with conquered citizenry - they would both agree that the Blood Spirits were lacking in Clan honor and undeserving of such. Khan Koga called together the Grand Council, where he demanded that the Blood Spirits be Abjured. The Star Adders went so far as to call for an Annihilation against the Blood Spirits upon hearing about the events, but would instead argue for a Trial of Absorption which easily passed the body of Khans. Khan Koga withdrew his forces from the Colleen system, as did the Stone Lions, out of both respect for the Trial that the Adders had bid for and won, and because neither Clan could field enough forces to carry out the task at hand.[1][12]


The date of Leo Koga's election is set at some point soon after 16th of December in 3074, after their last battle on Tamaron in the war against Clan Steel Viper. No exact date is given for it, but the election was described as hasty, occurring some time well before the Grand Council session called for by ilKhan Andrews in February of 3075.[5][8]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Elliot McKibben
Khan of Clan Coyote
3074-Presently Serving

Succeeded by


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