Leonard McCarthy

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Leonard McCarthy
Character Profile
Also known as Mace,
Born 3007
Affiliation Waco Rangers
Rank Major
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Josiah McCarthy (father)

Major Leonard "Mace" McCarthy was a member of the Waco Rangers from at least 3025 to 3067.[1][2]

Personal Appearance[edit]

McCarthy was known to have blue eyes.[3]

Philosophical and/or Political Views[edit]

Leonard was a believer in the Waco Rangers' Death Oath, hating the Wolf's Dragoons, and not trusting them at all.[3]


Early Life[edit]

The son of the Waco Rangers' DropShip commander, Commodore Josiah McCarthy, Leonard was born on the Rangers' DropShip Burden of Fate less than a month after the unit's formation in 3007.

Early Career[edit]

Refusing his father's offer of a DropShip officer's commission, Leonard choose MechWarrior training, earning his spot when the time came to graduate sometime before 3025 in the Rangers Tagedes' Medium Lance, Kelly's Headquarters Company of the 2nd Battalion (Kelly's Support Battalion).[1] This decision to follow his own path earned the respect of his fellow Rangers, including Colonel Wayne Waco.[4]


By 3058, Leonard had been promoted to Captain, and a senior role in Melissa Marshall's Battalion as the commander of the Maulers Company.[3] In this role he was a part of the Waco Rangers' contribution to the Coventry Expeditionary Force, which fought against Clan Jade Falcon during the Battle of Coventry. On 10 April 3058, he participated in the Waco Rangers' fighting against the 3rd Falcon Talon Cluster after they landed on Coventry, near the town of Lietnerton.[2]

He also led his company during the Waco Rangers' attempt to flank the Jade Falcon forces via the Dales Highlands on Coventry on 21 April 3058, which blundered into a Jade Falcon ambush. The Rangers, including Leonard's company, suffered heavy casualties in this battle including McCarthy himself being captured by the Falcons.

Leonard was however later released due to the Falcons accepting Victor Steiner-Davion's offer of hegira, and was promoted to Major by Colonel Wayne Rogers. In the aftermath of this battle and his release from captivity, Leonard was knocked out by his subordinate Lieutenant Manny Totske, who he had attempted to reduce in rank for disobeying a direct order to hold after Totske retreated from the Rangers’ defeat in the Dales. This incident resulted in Totske leaving the Waco Rangers.[3]

First Battle of Harlech[edit]

By 3067, Leonard was the Waco Rangers' Executive Officer, and Wayne Waco's most trusted confidant. He helped Waco plan the First Battle of Harlech the 11 October 3067, an unexpected attack upon Wolf's Dragoons' home planet of Outreach. Waco killed in his office Leopold Jenkins, his Blakist agent, and ordered McCarthy to get rid of his body, before asking him if he think he was crazy. McCarthy answered by the affirmative, and Waco admitted he was really crazy after Coventry. McCarthy pointed than the Rangers' cannot win, but Waco denied it: for him, the victory was to hurt the Dragoons all what they can. McCarthy later participated in the fighting. This battle, Waco's last effort to fulfil his Death Oath, resulted in the destruction of the Waco Rangers.[5]


McCarthy initially piloted, around 3025, a Hatchetman BattleMech.[1] By 3058 he was piloting an ON1-M Orion.[2]


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