Leondard Juillard

Leondard Juillard
Character Profile
Affiliation Terran Alliance
Rank Admiral

Leondard Juillard was an officer of the Terran Alliance during the Outer Reaches Rebellion.[1]


When In May 2237 Ryde, Sevren and Freedom declared independence from the Terran Alliance, Admiral Leondard Juillard and General Armando Luchesi of the 2nd Interstellar Strategic Combined Assault Force dispatched three squadrons of vessels to put down the rebellion; one of these squadrons traveled to Sevren, and consisted of attack transports, assault carriers and some KF-equipped strike cruisers. The INTERSTRATCAF squadrons had been on exercise near Saturn, and as a result were able to reach the Sevren system in just three days.[1]


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