Leopold Jenkins

Leopold Jenkins
Character Profile
Died 11 October 3067
Affiliation Word of Blake
Profession Liaison

Leopold Jenkins was a Word of Blake operative until his death in 3067.[1]


Leopold acted as the client of the Waco Rangers in planning their 3067 assault on Outreach. At the time, he was close to 50 years old. He never identified himself as a Word of Blake operative, but Wayne Waco was aware regardless. A few days before the attack, on 11 October 3067, Wayne Waco shot Leopold to death and had his body dumped in Outreach's Lake Kearny.[1]

His death prevented Waco to call the Broadsword Legion and receiving any direct support of the Blakists.[2]


Leopold was, as of 3067, a plain-looking man of close to 50 years age.[1]


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