Lethal Lessons

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Lethal Lessons
Product information
Type Novella
Author Daniel Isberner
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 28 January 2023
Era IlClan Era
Timeline 24 May - 8 October 3151


A novella written by Daniel Isberner set on the world of Campbelton in the Wolf Empire and focusing on the character of Jacinda.

Teaser Text[edit]


Clan Wolf has gone to claim Terra to fulfill the promise made by Aleksandr Kerensky centuries ago. But for those left behind, their story is a very different one…

Star Captain Jacinda of Clan Wolf Is one such warrior. Stuck on Campbelton in the Wolf Empire due to injury, she commands a sibko training facility while stewing over her lost chance to go with the Wolf touman to attain glory in the campaign for Terra. But heroism comes in many forms, and when a new invader targets Campbelton, Jacinda is able to unleash her primal warrior nature, and defend the Wolf’s pups against all comers…

Featured characters[edit]

  • Aart
  • Carmille
  • Caroline
  • Darwin
  • Deren
  • Freya
  • Gijsbert
  • Giselle
  • Jacinda
  • James
  • Josephine
  • Kang-hee
  • Kari
  • Kim
  • Lara
  • Miranda
  • Othar
  • Ramas
  • Ron
  • Samuel
  • Vivienne

Featured places[edit]