In the BattleTech universe, Leviathan may refer to:

  • Leviathan (JumpShip), a civilian JumpShip class that appears to be essentially extinct by the thirty-first century (save for one known vessel);
  • the Leviathan-class of WarShips; while no ship was in fact ever built to match the original design specifications from 3044, several subtypes of the Leviathan class were constructed:
    • Leviathan (Heavy Transport), the military transport configuration to which the first two Leviathan WarShips were downgraded halfway through their construction;
    • Leviathan II, a WarShip class created by re-upgrading the Heavy Transport configuration to battleship specifications which, notably, were different from the original planned Leviathan;
    • Leviathan Prime, a WarShip class that was essentially an upgrade of the original Leviathan with the latest cutting-edge technology;
    • Leviathan III, the latest evolution of the class;
  • Leviathan (Individual Leviathan-class WarShip), the first Leviathan-class ship (built first as a transport, later modified into a battleship)
  • Up to 1997 the Behemoth (DropShip class) was called Leviathan in German products.

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