Leviathan II

This article is about the battleship version of the original Leviathan class. For other uses, see Leviathan.
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Leviathan II
Production information
Manufacturer Alshain Naval Yards
Production Year 3066[1]
Use Combat JumpShip,
Aerospace Carrier,
Orbital Fire-Support,
Space Superiority
Tech Base Clan Advanced
Cost 29,589,153,000 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 2,400,000 tons
Length 1,700 meters
Sail Diameter
Fuel 15,300
Burn Rate
Safe Thrust
Top Thrust 2.5 g
Sail Integrity
KF Drive Integrity
LF Battery Yes
Armor Ferro-Carbide
DropShip Capacity 8
Crew 195 Officers
764 Crew
211 Gunners
225 Battle Armor/Marines
600 Bay Personnel
Grav Decks 2 (185 meter diameter, 95 meter diameter)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 150/150
Heat Sinks 9,500 double
Structural Integrity 150
BV (1.0) 336,087[3]
BV (2.0) ???


The Leviathan II Heavy Battleship was produced by Clan Ghost Bear by upgrading their Leviathan Heavy Transport to full-scale battleships at the shipyards orbiting Alshain, the capital of the Ghost Bear's Occupation Zone, as a symbol of the founding of the Ghost Bear Dominion.

It should be noted that the Leviathan II is a different design from the original Leviathan battleship design. No ship was actually ever built to the original Leviathan specifications.

The ships were noted for their incredibly heavy armor and weaponry, and were the largest WarShips ever constructed.



The Leviathan design was originally conceived in 3044 prior to Clan Invasion. With help from Clan Snow Raven, Clan Ghost Bear began construction on two ships. However, production ground to a halt when Clan Snow Raven began work on their Conqueror-class heavy cruiser. Without the Ravens' assistance, Clan Ghost Bear discovered that they could not complete construction of the vessels. After the Great Refusal at Strana Mechty, Clan Ghost Bear joined the Warden Clans faction and secretly decided to relocate its populace to its Inner Sphere holdings. The incomplete Leviathan battleships were adapted into the heavy transports needed to move their population. During the latter 3050s, these transports served as the means to move the Clan's entire population to their occupation zone. Under the guise of "patrol" missions, the transport Leviathans were actually transporting people and cargo in order to preserve the secrecy of the move.

Converted to WarShips[edit]

With their secret relocation complete, the Clan celebrated the founding of the Ghost Bear Dominion by constructing a new Leviathan configured as a Heavy Battleship: the Rasalhague. While the Rasalhague was under construction, a rogue brigade of Kuritan Alshain Avengers attacked and damaged the ship in 3064, triggering the Combine-Ghost Bear War. It was not until December of 3068 that the Rasalhague finally launched.[4] During the very late 3060s and early 3070s the remaining Leviathan Transports were converted into the Heavy Battleship configuration.

Word of Blake Jihad[edit]

In July 3070, newly elected Prince Ragnar Magnusson commanded a Ghost Bear task force led by the Rasalhague to liberate Tukayyid from the Word of Blake occupation. After being challenged to withdraw, the McKenna-class battleship Blake's Sword and Essex-class destroyer Deliverance attacked the Ghost Bears. Together with the Nightlord-class battleship Ursa Major, the Rasalhague swiftly knocked the Blakist McKenna-class Battleship out of action. In a desperate attempt to salvage victory, the remaining Blakist WarShip fired a nuclear weapon at the Rasalhague, but was unable to even penetrate its heavy armor. After the Blakist fleet was defeated, the Rasalhague then provided cover to Prince Magnusson's First Rasalhague Bears and the Gunzburg Eagles as they landed to retake the planet. Shortly after Tukayyid was freed from the Blakists the Rasalhague went to Riksdag.[5]

In 3077, a Leviathan fought Blakist WarShips at Dyev. Though eventually the Blakists were driven off, the Ghost Bears took serious damage.[6]

The Word of Blake Jihad took a heavy toll on the Leviathan's ships: the Leviathan was lost on Dieron by the Blakists' Pocket WarShips, and the Great Bear destroyed during Operation SCOUR on the Titan Shipyards under the attack of several Dragon's Breath Multiple Capital Missile Launch Systems.[7][8]

Dark Age[edit]

After the Jihad, the Bears didn't build more WarShips, which left the Rasalhague as the only one of its class.[9]


The Leviathan mounts both capital-grade and conventional weapons, allowing the vessel to destroy larger targets, but also defend itself from lighter aerospace fighters.

Nose-Mounted Weapons[edit]

Capital weaponry: 2 Heavy Naval Gauss rifles, 7 Medium Naval Grade PPCs, 2 Class-30 Naval Autocannon (w/200 Rounds), 1 AR-10 Capital Missile Launcher (20 Killer Whales, 50 White Sharks, and 100 Barracuda Capital Missiles), and 12 Class-55 Naval Lasers.

Conventional weaponry: 8 Gauss rifles (600 rounds), 10 ER Large Lasers with 10 Medium Lasers, 5 Large Pulse Lasers with 5 Medium Pulse Lasers, 10 Type 12 Advanced Tactical Missile Launchers (w/ 1,000 rounds), and 5 Anti-Missile Systems (with 1,008 rounds).

Front Left/Right Sides[edit]

Capital weaponry: 7 Medium Naval PPCs, 12 Class-55 Naval Lasers, 2 Class-30 Naval Autocannons (w/200 rounds), and 1 AR-10 Launcher (20 Killer Whales, 50 White Sharks, and 100 Barracuda Capital Missiles).

Conventional weaponry: 10 ER Medium Lasers, 5 Medium Pulse Lasers, 10 ATM 12 Launchers (w/1,000 rounds), 3 Streak-6 SRM Launchers (w/300 rounds), and 5 Anti-Missile System (w/1008 rounds).

Left/Right Broadside[edit]

Capital weaponry: 2 Medium Naval Gauss rifles (w/200 rounds), and 2 separate weapon bays with 12 Class-55 Naval Lasers in each.

Conventional weaponry: 5 ER PPCs, 10 ER Large Lasers, 5 Large Pulse Lasers with 5 Medium Pulse Lasers, 6 20-tube LRM Launchers guided by Artemis IV Fire Control Systems (w/ 600 rounds), 10 ATM-12 Launchers (w/1000 rounds), and 3 Streak SRM-6 launchers (w/300 rounds).

Aft Left/Right Sides[edit]

Capital weaponry: Class-30 Naval Autocannon (w/200 rounds), 12 Class-55 Naval Lasers, and AR-10 Launcher (20 Killer Whales, 50 White Sharks, and 100 Barracuda Capital Missiles).

Conventional weaponry: 10 ER Large Lasers, 5 Medium Pulse Lasers, 10 ATM-12 launchers (w/1000 rounds), and 5 Anti-Missile Systems (w/1008 rounds).

Aft Weapons Bays[edit]

Capital weaponry: 7 Medium Naval PPCs, and 1 AR-10 Launcher (20 Killer Whales, 50 White Sharks, and 100 Barracuda Capital Missiles).

Conventional weaponry: 10 ER Medium Lasers, 8 Gauss rifles (w/600 rounds), 5 Large and 5 Medium Pulse Lasers, 10 ATM-12 launchers (w/1000 rounds), and 5 Anti-Missile Systems (w/1008 rounds).

Cargo Bays[edit]

  • Bay 1: aerospace fighter (150) - 4 Doors
  • Bay 2: aerospace fighter (150) - 4 Doors
  • Bay 3: Cargo (24,873 tons) - 10 Doors

Named Vessels[edit]

See Category:Individual Leviathan-class WarShips


The Record Sheet for the Leviathan II battleship was only released in AeroTech 2 Record Sheets, which is out of print.

Ship Gallery[edit]


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