Lewis Skimmer Bus

Lewis Skimmer Bus.JPG
Lewis Skimmer Bus
Production information
Manufacturer S. L. Lewis Incorporated[1][2]
Production Year 3026[3]
Use Public Transit Vehicle;
Civilian Transport;
Cargo Transport;
Auxiliary Infantry Transport
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1][2]
Chassis Type (Size) Hover (Large)[1][2]
Equipment Rating D/X-C-C/D/C[1][2]
Cost ???
Introduced 3026
Technical specifications
Mass 80 Tons[1][2]
Cruise Speed 6[1][2]
Flank Speed 9[1][2]
Power Plant electric (fuel cell)[1][2]
Fuel (Type/Range) 1,025 km[1][2]
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
Turret(s) 0[1][2]
Armament None[1][2]
Heat Sinks None[1][2]
Armor Commercial[1][2]
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 4[1][2]
Crew 3 (86 Passengers)[2]
BV (2.0) ???


The Lewis Skimmer Bus is a large Hover civilian transport, which was introduced during the last decade of the Third Succession War by the S. L. Lewis Incorporated. The vehicle is designed to be multiple purpose passenger vehicle & cargo, with plainclothes police who would assist in protecting its cargo should it be valuable. The Skimmer came into fruition on heels of success of the company's Savannah Master hovercraft, with Skimmer Bus being first entry into the civilian market place.

The bus was at times pressed into military service during the Third Succession War, with its most noted usage being as an auxiliary infantry transport, ferrying troops to the front lines on Sevren, where APCs were in short supply.[1][2]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The vehicle is built on a large chassis, which it can handle 18 tons of cargo (accessible from its rear door) while ferrying 86 passengers to their destination. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell power plant, allowing to be clean and inexpensive alternative to air travel in some cases. The vehicle's hull is protected by 1.5 tons of Commercial Armor, which gives it modest protection for civilian use, however risky should it be used for military purposes.[1][2]


  • As of this writing, the Lewis Skimmer Bus has no record sheet nor battle value assigned to it.
  • When first published in TRO: Vehicle Annex, two images of hoverbuses were presented in the picture with no description of which was the Routemaster and which the Lewis Skimmer Bus. The image of the Skimmer Bus is what was officially posted on Catalyst Game Labs' official unit listing site.


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