Li Sak To

Li Sak To
Died c. 3072
Affiliation Draconis Combine

Li Sak To (b. ???? - d. c.3072), also known as "Emerald" in the Black Dragon Society, was the commanding officer of the Second Sword of Light during its involvement in the Black Dragon's coup attempt on Luthien in 3067.[1]


In 3058, he was a Chu-sa in command of the third battalion of the Second Sword[2], and by 3067 he had been promoted to Tai-sa and gained command of the whole Second Sword.[3]

Apparently involved in the Black Dragon-initiated Combine-Ghost Bear War, To grew increasingly frustrated with the perceived lack of honor and support he felt the DCMS showed the Second Sword of Light during that conflict. In the intervening years, he allowed the Society to influence the unit's members. In December of 3067, in conjunction with at least one other Society member, he initiated a coup on Luthien against Theodore Kurita.[1]

The Second Sword captured the Voice of the Dragon's Luthien compound in the final week of December 3067 and the Imperial Palace on New Year's Day 3068.[4] When To attempted to execute several captured members of the Otomo, he faced open rebellion from one of his officers, Chu-i Takiro Hutchinson; Hutchinson blocked To by moving his Katana 'Mech in front of To's Akuma and forcing To into a savage duel. The duel distracted the 2nd Sword long enough to allow the Otomo to sound the alarm, alerting the 1st Genyosha of the attempted coup.[5]

This open rebellion was apparently neither planned for nor approved by most of the leading Black Dragons, and in a secret meeting during 3067-3068 they agreed to abandon To as a diversion for the loyalists while they continued gaining power elsewhere.[6]

While the details of his death are unknown, two other "Gems" captured and interrogated in late 3072 listed "Emerald" as being one of the Society's already-deceased members.[7]


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