Liao Cháng-Chéng

Liao Cháng-Chéng
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname The Great Wall[1]
Parent Formation Capellan Confederation Armed Forces
Formed 3061[2]

With the reintegration of former Chaos March worlds back into the Capellan Confederation, in 3061 the CCAF saw the need to form a brigade of reserve regiments for the Liao Commonality which are known as Liao Cháng-Chéng.[2] They would later be reassigned to the Sarna Commonality sometime after 3085 following the loss of Liao to the Republic of the Sphere that year.[3]


Newly formed in 3061, the regiments fought mainly in the Chaos March region with some success. In 3062, some were sent to St. Ives to liberate the planet during the Capellan Civil War.[4]

During the Jihad the regiments of Liao Cháng-Chéng were seriously damaged. By 3079 only one was at half-strength while the rest were between thirty and forty percent of their pre-Jihad strength.[5]

The popularity of the Liao Cháng-Chéng increased markedly after the Jihad; having been rotated back from the front lines and stationed along the relatively peaceful border between the Confederation and the Duchy of Andurien, the Liao Cháng-Chéng found themselves the centre of attention from the Capellan media for some time. Fresh from battles in a nuclear war zone where the Cháng-Chéng were heavily involved in some of the deadliest combat of the Jihad, the everyman character of the Cháng-Chéng attracted the media. Being more accessible and easier to identify with for the average Capellan than the elite Red Lancers or Death Commandos has made the Cháng-Chéng popular heroes for their part in defending the heart of the Confederation from the Word of Blake.[6]

To rebuild, the Liao Cháng-Chéng regiments were rotated out of the Liao Commonality and sent to the Capellan Confederation/Duchy of Andurien Border. This gave them time to rebuild, but prohibited them from participating in Operation GOLDEN FORTRESS in 3081. After the Republic of the Sphere counterattacked, many of the worlds the Liao Cháng-Chéng had protected during the Jihad were in the hands of the Republic. The Liao Cháng-Chéng weren't in position to stop the Republic forces. The loss of so many worlds angers the members of Liao Cháng-Chéng, and also leads them to think that their sacrifices during the Jihad were pointless.[1] Sometime during this period, the brigade was reassigned to the newly reformed Sarna Commonality[3] and the Sarna Martial Academy Cadre added to the ranks.[1]

By 3085, the Commonality was reorganized as the Sarna Commonality.

From 3086 onwards, the Liao Cháng-Chéng performed at least one offensive action every year against the Republic Armed Forces. These operations have made the brigade experts at cross-border raiding.[7]

Three regiments took part in the invasion of the Republic of the Sphere and the ROTS counterattack that followed. Dubbed the Capellan Crusades (3111-3113), it ended with all three units taking heavy damage but still combat effective.

Following the Capellan Crusades, several brigades were restructured in response to some flaws found in current doctrine. One of these changes involved new unit designations. Thus, the regimental names were standardized and the Sarna Martial Academy Cadre was removed from the brigade rolls.[8] Sometime afterwards, Daoshen Liao's Hidden Lion initiative allowed the secret addition of the 2nd Liao Dragoons into the brigade.[8]

During Operation CELESTIAL REWARD of 3144, the LCC were in the first wave striking AFFS garrisons from Bell to Chesterton.[7] By 3145, they were pulled back to postings along the Free Worlds League and Periphery.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Liao Cháng-Chéng
Line Director: Jiang-jun Do San Mu 3063[citation needed]
Line Director: Jiang-jun Pavlov Bagroutinni 3085[10]
Line Director: Jiang-jun Emma Priyadarshi 3145[11]


In 3063 Jiang-jun Allen Dalmar was Do San Mu's aide.[citation needed]

Available Forces[edit]


Davion machines are not uncommon within the ranks of these commands, because some militias changed sides without firing a shot and on the other hand after Operation Guerrero the CCAF could salvage large numbers of immobilized 'Mechs. The normal composition includes a large concentration of light 'Mechs, medium machines as cornerstones and heavies as the steamhammers of the command. The shift to the lighter-weight 'Mech designs influences the tactics and fighting style of all LLC regiments.

Units of the Liao Cháng-Chéng[edit]

Former Units of the Liao Cháng-Chéng[edit]

Colors and Unit Insignia[edit]

Each unit is named after the current commander and this fact give the command continuity through the time.


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