Light Recoilless Rifle

Light Recoilless Rifle


The Light Recoilless Rifle is the lightest of the three types of recoilless rifles in use by military forces of the thirty-first century. Based on designs dating back to the mid-20th Century, recoilless rifles launch a high-explosive fin-stabilized rocket at a target while simultaneously venting high-velocity gas, known as backblast, out the rear end of the weapon. The backblast, which for the light rifle extends out only to two meters, can be dangerous, but allows for recoilless fire and greater thrust potential. The result is a rocket traveling at greater velocities than normal missiles, making them effectively immune to anti-missile systems and contributing to their growing popularity as these systems proliferate.[1][2]

Light recoilless rifles are shoulder-fired weapons which, while lacking in firepower, make up for it by the ability to be effectively operated by a single person. It can also fire a variety of ordnance types except for FASCAM and flares.[1]


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