Light Target Acquisition Gear

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Light TAG.jpg
Light TAG
Production information
Type Utility Laser
Tech Base Clan
Inner Sphere
Year Availability Clan = Battle Armor 3054[1]

IS = Battle Armor 3053[1]

Year Introduced Clan = 3054 'Mech CWF[2][3]

IS = 3063 'Mech DC[2]

Availability Ratings X[2]/X[2]/F[2]
Technical specifications
Heat 0[4]
Damage 0[4]
Minimum Range 0[4]
Short Range 1-3[4]
Medium Range 4-6[4]
Long Range 7-9[4]
Tons 0.5[4]
Mass 36 kg
Critical Slots 1[4]
Space Slots 1
Cost (unloaded) 40,000[2]
BV (1.0) ??
BV (2.0) ??

Light Target Acquisition Gear, otherwise known as Light TAG, is a smaller and lighter, but shorter ranged version of the standard TAG system.


While lost to the Inner Sphere during the devastation of the Succession Wars, the Clans retained the missile based Arrow IV artillery system and its target acquisition gear, but rarely made use of them due to their culture's focus on personal glory rather than supporting roles. Because of this disdain, the TAG systems carried by the OmniMechs taking part in the Clan Invasion were all but identical in weight, bulk and performance to the recovered technology versions fielded by the Successor States.[3]

It was only after the Truce of Tukayyid that the Scientist Caste of Clan Wolf, one of the largest users of the Arrow IV launchers among the Clans, investigated enhancing the technology, eventually settling on reducing its weight. The first examples appearing in the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone in 3054 weighed half that of the standard version, but also had a 40% reduction in range compared it, an effective range on-par with the standard medium laser.[3][5]

While Clan Wolf succeeded in developing the first 'Mech/Combat Vehicle scale Light TAG system, which the Inner Sphere powers have so far been unable or unwilling to replicate, they were beaten by over a year by the Draconis Combine in developing the battle armor scale version. First seen in 3053 on the Combine's Kage battlesuit but having since spread to the other Great Houses and Clans, the system is carried as a squad support weapon.[6][1][7]


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