Light fusion engine

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Designed to mimic the compact profile and light weight of Clan-tech XL engines, the light fusion engine weighs only 75% of a standard fusion engine. While not as dramatic as the 50% weight saving of an XL Engine, the real benefit of the light fusion engine is that while it intrudes into the side torsos of a BattleMech, it takes up the same amount of space as a Clan extra-light engine, allowing a light fusion engine-equipped 'Mech to survive the destruction of a side torso that would cripple an Inner Sphere XL engine-equipped 'Mech.[citation needed]


While introduced by the Lyran Alliance in 3062, the technology actually stems from Wolf's Dragoons and Blackwell Corporation. With dwindling supplies of Clan-Tech XL Engines, after the initial Clan Invasion the Dragoons charged Blackwell with developing a new form of lighter than standard engine yet with the same bulk as the Clan extralight.[1]

Using the Lostech protective energy damping grid of the Steiner Stadium on Solaris VII as a base, Blackwell engineers were able to reduce the level of physical shielding with the energy field assisting in keeping the engine's fusion reaction in check.[2] As rumors of this technology began to leak out in 3053, Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion of the Federated Commonwealth entered into protracted and ultimately fruitless negotiations with Blackwell, becoming apparent either the rumors were false or Blackwell would not sell the technology to anybody outside of the Dragoons.[1]

In 3058, after the formation of the Lyran Alliance, the Lyran Intelligence Corps discovered that while a long way from full mass-production, Blackwell had succeeded in developing a prototype. Recognizing the awesome potential of the technology and viewing the possible alienation of the Dragoons as worth the cost to secure it for the Alliance, Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion authorized Loki to steal the prototype. It took Defiance Industries four years and unlimited funding and resources, but the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces were duly impressed with the resulting light fusion engine.[1]

The Dragoons, however, were not, filing charges against the Alliance in the Star League Court. In a slap to the face of the Archon, they sold the light fusion technology via Blackwell to the Lyrans' age-old enemies- the Free Worlds League and Draconis Combine.[3] The technology spread yet further when the Word of Blake's ROM used the distraction of the approaching FedCom Civil War to secure it for themselves.[4]


Model Used by
Leenex 145 light Fusion[5] IS Padilla Tube Artillery Tank (Vehicle)
Pitban light 210 Fusion[6] IS Winston Combat Vehicle (Vehicle)
260 Magna lite light Fusion[7] IS TDR-10M Thunderbolt ('Mech)
275 Defiance Light Fusion[8] IS SHD-11CS Shadow Hawk ('Mech)
280 Edasich Light[9] IS ARC-7S Archer ('Mech)
350 Magna Light Engine[10] IS WHF-3B White Flame ('Mech)
Defiance 275 Light Fusion[11] IS GRF-5K Griffin ('Mech)
Defiance 275 Light Fusion Engine[12] IS GRF-6S Griffin ('Mech)
340 VOX Light[13] IS BLR-4S BattleMaster ('Mech)
DefHes 210 Light Fusion[14] IS C-Mk-O Malak ('Mech)
Defiance 180 Light Fusion[15] IS RZK-9S Razorback ('Mech)
Defiance 210 light[16] IS ARC-9M Archer ('Mech)
Defiance 300 light Fusion[17] IS OSR-5W Ostroc ('Mech)
Defiance 300 Light Fusion[18] IS OSR-5W Ostroc ('Mech)
GM 240 Light Fusion[19] IS C-GRG-O Grigori ('Mech)
Edasich 300 Light[20] IS DFN-3S Defiance ('Mech)
Edasich 330 Light[21] IS SCP-12S Scorpion ('Mech)
GM 255 Light Fusion with Triple-Strength Myomer[22] IS C-SRP-O Seraph ('Mech)
GM 270 Light Fusion[23] IS C-PRT-O Preta ('Mech)
GM 300 Light[24] IS OTL-8D Ostsol ('Mech)
GM 300 Light Fusion[25] IS MAD-4K Marauder II ('Mech)
Galas Lightpower 80 Fusion[26] IS Sprint Scout Helecopter (Vehicle)
Pitban 320 light[27] IS TRG-1N Targe ('Mech)
Pitban 320 light Fusion[28] IS GOL-6H Goliath ('Mech)
Pitban 320 Light Fusion[29] IS GRN-D-04 Grand Crusader II ('Mech)
Pitban 320 Light Fusion[30] IS GOL-6H Goliath ('Mech)
Pitban 320 Light Fusion Engine[31] IS GOL-4S Goliath ('Mech)
VOX-LE 200 Light Engine[32] IS NXS2-A Nexus II ('Mech)
VOX 225 Light[33] IS CBR-03 Cobra ('Mech)
VOX 225 Light Engine[34] IS BLF-2Y Blue Flame ('Mech)
VLAR Light 300[35] IS AQS-3 Aquagladius ('Mech)
Strand 255 Class B light Fusion[36] IS LGB-12R Longbow ('Mech)
Inspiration 280 Light Fusion[37] IS C-DVA-O Deva ('Mech)
PlasmaStar 375 light[38] IS PRF-1R Prefect ('Mech)


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