Lightning Company

In 3026 Archon Katrina Steiner reorganised the front line forces of the Lyran Commonwealth creating new Lyran Regimental Combat Teams on the combined arms model employed by the Federated Suns. As part of this military change she also ordered in military doctrine to incorporate a greater number of lighter BattleMechs in the Lyran armed forces. These light and medium machines were gathered into Companies and piloted by the best academy graduates. Each company undertook a 6 month training tour at the New Avalon Institute of Science undertaking exercises in light 'Mech tactics and mobile warfare. Upon return to the Commonwealth they were formally commissioned as Lightning Companies and assigned to front line 'Mech Regiments as a mobile reserve. By 3028 all but a few regiments had a lightning company attached.[1]

There were many in the Lyran armed forces that doubted the value of such light companies, however after the success of all three lightning companies allocated to the Battle of Harvest in 3028 these doubts vanished. Each company swiftly exploited weaknesses in the opposition line to break through and cause havoc in the rear areas.[2] Lightning Companies became an established asset on the roster of all 'Mech Regiments and were still in service in the mid Thirty-second century.[3]


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