Lin Murikami

Lin Murikami
Born 3045
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere

Lin Murikami (b. 3045[1] - d. ????) was a career diplomat in the service of Republic of the Sphere.


Early Life[edit]

Lin Murikami was born in 3045 on Togura, a world in the Oshika Prefecture of the Galedon Military District within the Draconis Combine. Lin's birth parents were a peasant woman from Togura and a chu-sa in the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, but they were unable to care for her, and instead put her up for adoption.[1]

Seven years later in 3052 Lin was adopted by the Murikami family, who discovered that her time in the adoption system had left her unable to read and barely capable of communication, leading them to initially believe that she possessed some kind of disability that left her with special education needs. However, when Lin moved from the oppressive and stifling environment of the adoption system and into the Murikami home, a loving and nurturing environment, she proceeded to blossom, becoming a highly intelligent and capable young woman.[1]

Further Education and Early Career[edit]

In 3062 at the age of 17 Lin was successfully accepted into the New Samarkand Universal School of Law, a prestigious university, from which Lin graduated with full honors - and at the top of her class - in just two years. This was followed by an offer to head the law department within the New Samarkand Prefecture Ministry of Communications, a post that Lin accepted and in which she continued to work until 3067, two years after the death of her parents.[1]

The Jihad[edit]

Lin vanished from New Samarkand under mysterious circumstances in 3067, and a two-month long but cursory investigation failed to turn up any information of her whereabouts; known for her sharp mind and the long hours she worked, but also known to be a social recluse, Lin's disappearance was written off as an act of street crime.[1]

Lin's reappearance in 3072 was a shocking experience for those few fellow bureaucrats who remembered her; Lin was discovered in a prisoner of war camp by guerillas - and the POW camp was located not in the Draconis Combine, but instead on New Avalon, the capital world of the Federated Suns. Lin continually refused to answer any questions on how she came to be in a Word of Blake camp in a realm traditionally hostile towards the Combine, and as the allied coalition formed by Devlin Stone came into being Lin went to work on Stone's diplomatic staff.[1]

Stone trusted Lin with considerable authority, allowing her to speak on his behalf to leading figures including various Heads of State. Lin often worked on behalf of both Stone and David Lear, displaying a masterful grasp of diplomacy and compromise, and those with an interest in successful political negotiations with the allied coalition cultivated Lin's favor.[1]

One example of the work performed on behalf of the allied coalition by Lin was the negotiation of a ceasefire on the Word of Blake Protectorate planet of Liberty in 3078. Liberty had become the site of a three way conflict between Blakist Protectorate Militia forces, the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces and Group II of the forces assigned to the Free Worlds League front of Operation SCOUR and Lin was called in as an independent negotiator following months of unproductive conflict.[2]


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