Linda Diebolds

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Linda Diebolds
Also known asLinda Smallwood
Born3045 (see notes)
AffiliationHouse Diebolds[1]
SpouseBaldwin Smallwood

Linda Diebolds was a noble of Saginaw.[2]


When she married Baldwin Smallwood, House Diebolds and House Smallwood signed a prenuptial agreement stating that any divorce would mean the Smallwood family would forfeit the sixty percent of the common fortune they were giving.[1]

On the 7th of March 3080, the police arrived to the shared house of the Barons in Smallwood Manor after being called by the Baron's butler to find him running from his wife who was handling a broadsword, after she discovered that the baron had been carrying on a relationship with his personal aide Georgina Wade. Both the baron and the mistress where found hiding in a closet. The Baroness was arrested on charges of assault and attempted murder, and after being taken to South Sutton County courthouse, arraigned on the charges, and released on a 40,000 pound bond.

After this, both went to different places, the baroness going to Smallwood mountain villa along with a few servants and with the baron staying at the family manor house.[3]

Her lawyer, Jason Pratt-Whitney, bested lead prosecutor Zachary Baines, by explaining that the Baron did not want to sign the divorce papers because of the prenuptial agreement, and also explaining that the Baroness was an expert swordswoman, and if she had wanted to kill him and his lover, she would have done it. After 3 days of trial and 4 hours of case review by the jury, she was declared not guilty.[2]

Three days after the verdict, she filed for divorce from Baron Baldwin Smallwood.[4]

The week prior to the preliminary hearing of the divorce case, she released the names of the women the baron had apparently had affairs with, as well as a list of gifts he has given them, with the Baron hotly denying her, and taking every opportunity to tear down his estranged wife.[4]

On April 24th, the preliminary hearing in the divorce case turned into a brawl in the courtroom when elements of both parties could not be stopped by judge Tyman Korrel, the police had to act and six participants in the brawl were hospitalized and four people were arrested. The judge placed both sides on notice that any more outbursts will result in both sides being arrested and spending the rest of the case in a jail cell.[4]

On the 14th of May she was the target of an assassination attempt when her car was blown off. She was slightly injured, but three of her staff, including her lawyer, Jason Pratt-Whitney, suffered serious injuries and several people walking nearby were killed instantly, with a large number also injured.[5] She accused his husband of being behind that bomb to avoid the divorce[6][7], something his husband denied.[5]

A bit later, it was him husband and his mistress who were the subject of an sniper attack that nearly killed them, finally though only wounding one of his security detachment guards[2][7], and blamed his wife for the attempt on their lives.[6]

Police Chief Nancy Nakajima asked for help to the planetary by sharing resources to investigate both cases.[2]

This forced the planetary government, represented by Minister for Planetary Affairs Misha Wolfe to try to calm down the parties and found the culprits.[6]

His husband was involved in a scandal when allegedly his mistress, Georgina Wade, become pregnant. Linda Smallwood and most of the press though this was a calculated move from his side as Saginaw's inheritance laws gave preference to a noble's children, and this could be a tactic from him in a divorce process with her wife.[2]


Birth date is calculated based on being 35 in 3080.[3]


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