Ling Wa

Ling Wa
Character Profile
Born 3036
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Profession House Master of Warrior House Ijori

Ling Wa was the House Master of Warrior House Ijori.[1]


The reputation of Warrior House Ijori suffered a severe blow in the 3050s following Ijori's infiltration by members of the Thuggee cult devoted to Kali Liao, sister to Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao, and the devastating terrorist actions conducted by those infiltrators, including the Black May incident. The Maskirovka assisted House Master Denby as he attempted to rebuild House Ijori; following the vetting of every possibly recruit by the Maskirovka, Master Denby was presented with a new generation of loyal and dedicated MechWarriors, each of whom was young, capable and malleable. One of those recruits was Ling Wa.[1]

Ling Wa had been born the son of a mandrinn and was dedicated to both the Capellan Confederation and the Chancellor; he went on to become the commanding officer of House Ijori, and while he was considered rather young for such a responsible post he proved himself to be flexible and innovative tactician. As thorough and effective as the actions of Denby and Ling were, it was unlikely that House Ijori's reputation would have ever recovered if not for the Jihad.[1]

Although they were referred to as the "Baby Warriors" Ling and those under his command proved that the Jihad would be the crucible through which Ijori regained its honor and reputation; fighting with skill and valor, House Ijori proved itself to be the equal of any other Capellan Confederation Armed Forces unit and would play an important part in liberating a number of worlds from the Word of Blake.[1]

Despite Ijori's successes in the first half of the Jihad Ling remained both grateful for the status Ijori had regained and determined to achieve more. He continued to request that Ijori be supplied with new equipment and new elite warriors and continued to practice intense training exercises with those under his command. Under Ling's instruction House Ijori trained in live-fire exercises under extreme conditions.[1]



  • Any pilot rated as being of Green experience but operating under Ling Wa's direct command operate as if they were of Regular skill level if the situation is a defensive one.[2]
  • Any units under the direct command of Ling Wa automatically follow the Forced Withdrawal rules; this overrides any rules on withdrawal in place within scenarios.[2]


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