LinkNet (news service)

This article is about the five-planet information service launched in 3136. For other uses, see LinkNet.
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Organization Profile
TypeNews and information service
DissolvedPrior to April 3152[2]

LinkNet, launched in January 3136, was a loose information-sharing network of five planets - Hsien, Kessel, Achernar, Gacrux, and Irian - with working HPGs.[1]



A couple of years after the Blackout, some of the surviving HPGs in Republic space - on Hsien, Kessel, Achernar, Gacrux, Irian, and Northwind - located each other and began sharing high-priority transmissions. When Fortress Republic was launched in 3135, Northwind was cut off behind the Wall and communications in the Republic grew worse.[1]

The remaining five partners decided, in response, to launch a broader public news and information-sharing service: LinkNet.[1]


LinkNet served both as a news service and a public communication platform. It was a paid service, aiming for affordability. Each of the five member HPGs was responsible for collecting news and transmissions from its region and sharing them with the rest. Members of the public could add their own messages - news, letters, want-ads, and more.[1]

LinkNet did not have its own paid writing staff. Rather, it depended on news and opinion contributions from the public, which it promised to run without censorship.[3] It also, at times, offered rewards for news on specific subjects.[4] News coverage focused on events throughout the Republic, sports and culture, and technology.[3] This included a music and culture column by Elliott Grimm,[5] as well as ongoing technology coverage and investigation by Tech Watch, a group of journalists including Jan Prowell.[6][7]

As well, LinkNet carried and posted interpersonal letters,[3] and hosted Levin's List, a classifieds section named for Exarch Jonah Levin.[8]


LinkNet ceased operation sometime prior to April 3152.[2]


  • LinkNet was the third framing device for in-universe news featured on the MechWarrior: Dark Age website, and was active through most of 2006.
  • While the Hsien et al. LinkNet is a specific partnership with its own resources and funds, Ghosts of Obeedah refers to material from it as among material "the LinkNets of hundreds of worlds."[9] This places the Hsien et al. LinkNet within a broader category of LinkNets.



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