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In service until3078[1]

The York-class destroyer Lioness was a WarShip in the Clan Smoke Jaguar touman.


In 3058, the Lioness was attached to the Smoke Jaguar Naval Reserve and was guarding the Schwartz system under the command of Star Colonel Anton Wirth.[2] She was involved in the Manassas affair, being the first to hail the inbound Manassas, impound it, and later fight a space battle in which the Manassas was defeated.[3]

The Lioness also carried a complement of ground troops. These warriors equipped with OmniMechs provided rapid reinforcements for the garrison of Schwartz in 3058.[4]

She was one of two York-class destroyers captured during Operation BULLDOG. The ship was stripped of its armament and transported to the Terada yard at Dieron to be mothballed.[5] The Word of Blake captured the mothballed Lioness along with another former Smoke Jaguar vessel, the Essex-class destroyer CSJ Dark Claw, and restored them to service as a part of their WarShip fleet during the Jihad. The Lioness took part in the Blakist defense of the New Home system during Operation SCOUR in 3078, where it was destroyed by coalition forces[6] although not before destroying the Clan Nova Cat Aegis-class heavy cruiser NCS Promise as she provided orbital fire support to coalition forces on the surface of New Home.[1]

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