Lisa Buhallin

Lisa Buhallin
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Khan
Profession MechWarrior

Lisa Buhallin (born 27?? - died 28??) was one of four founders of Clan Jade Falcon, and served as saKhan under Khan Elizabeth Hazen.[1] She was the Jade Falcon's first saKhan, as well as the Falcon's first Loremaster. Unusual among Clan warriors, Lisa Buhallin was a writer who would later put her talents to use helping to craft Clan law.[2]


Early Life[edit]

Little is known of Lisa Buhallin's early years due to Nicholas Kerensky's purging of most records relating to Inner Sphere origin, among other reasons.[2]

For one thing, Lisa Buhallin was not her real name.[2] The person who would become known as Lisa Buhallin was born on Trondheim to a poor farming family. She accepted a scholarship to Pacifica Lutheran University on Terra, near Unity City, and became a well-liked member of the creative writing community.

Amaris Crisis and Exodus[edit]

Lisa Buhallin somehow survived the carnage on Terra during the Amaris Crisis, some suspect by either becoming a member of Elizabeth Hazen's Ghosts of the Black Watch or by virtue of having a relationship with someone who was a member. Yet another report claims she was an operative of the Blackhearts, the Star League's counter-espionage and counter-terrorism organization.[3] Regardless, she was there on Terra in 2784 when Aleksandr Kerensky ordered the Exodus from the Inner Sphere, following the Regular Army off into the void of the Deep Periphery.

Ways of the Clans[edit]

The very next recorded incidence of the existence of Lisa Buhalin was during Operation KLONDIKE. By that time she was an officer in the ranks of Clan Jade Falcon. She had not only learned the skills of being a MechWarrior but had excelled at them, reportedly feeling reborn as a warrior.[2]

IlKhan Nicholas Kerensky was temporarily commanding the Jade Falcons during the Siege of the Black Brian, part of the Dagda campaign. He assigned Lisa Buhallin and her command to neutralize a series of weapons emplacements that were keeping many of the Clan warriors pinned down.[4] She would have little support during the crucial strike, but still accomplished her task for the ilKhan. This victory did not come without cost; Buhallin was grievously wounded, putting an end to her short but noted career as an active MechWarrior.[2]

Lisa Buhallin would recover enough to be elected saKhan in 2822,[1] and also became the Jade Falcon's first Loremaster, penning passages in The Remembrance, as well as helping Nicholas Kerensky to shape the laws of their new society.[2]

Khan of the Jade Falcons[edit]

At some point soon after the Culling, Lisa Buhallin became the second Khan of the Jade Falcons. She would have her scientists commission the Wakazashi BattleMech to bolster their Touman which had been dangerously weakened by the events of the Culling. During this time, certain sources report that Khan Buhallin became increasingly involved with key events surrounding the Not-Named Clan. On Circe, the infamously disputed Brian Cache that began the Wolverine's path toward Annihilation was discovered by Jade Falcon forces. While lying on land claimed by the Wolverines, the Jade Falcons refused to relinquish the cache without a Trial of Possession, which they went on to lose. Khan Buhallin reported this at the next Grand Council meeting, likely at the urging of Khan Jason Karrige of Clan Widowmaker, and also reporting that the cache contained several tactical nuclear warheads. Khan Sarah McEvedy of the Wolverines claimed that she and Lisa had been friends, but sensed that their relationship had been poisoned by the influence of jealous Khans like Karrige and his compatriots.[5][6]


Aside from being a founder of her clan (along with Elizabeth Hazen, Daniel Mattlov and Carl Icaza[2]), Lisa Buhallin is credited in The Remembrance[7] for representing "the will to remember", an allusion to her love of writing and her role as the first Loremaster in her Clan. She is also exemplary of the clan warrior ideal of burning hot and bright in order to achieve glorious deeds in battle, thereby winning a measure of immortality through the eugenics program, and praise for many generations to come.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Elizabeth Hazen
Khan of Clan Jade Falcon

Succeeded by
Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Jade Falcon

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Loremaster of Clan Jade Falcon

Succeeded by


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