List of BattleTech Print Novels and Anthologies

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This article concerns itself with print novels and anthologies only, i.e. those which are available in a hardcopy format including print-on-demand. Additional novels, novellas and short stories which have been published in electronic format only do not fall under this article's purview, nor do short stories embedded in other BattleTech products such as game supplements.


To flesh out the BattleTech universe setting and advance its timeline, FASA began publishing BattleTech novels (and other fiction formats) in 1986.

In 1991, Roc Books took over the ongoing novel line. Besides "BattleTech" novels that drove the overall storyline ahead, they would also launch the "MechWarrior" spin-off novel series in 1999 that focused more on individual characters or units instead of advancing the metaplot. They are related only by theme, not by plot or character. The "MechWarrior" moniker apparently refers to the MechWarrior RPG series for BattleTech (not to be confused with the later MechWarrior: Dark Age setting, which had its own novel line; see below).

Although further books were already in the works, Roc Books voiced no interest in publishing new "BattleTech" or "MechWarrior" novels after Endgame in 2002.[1] The classic BattleTech setting was suspended, and a new novel line was launched to go with the new "MechWarrior: Dark Age" game and storyline (set roughly a century in the future from the original novels). The last print novel published by Roc Books in this line was the 2008 To Ride the Chimera.

From 2004 to 2016, InMediaRes published new BattleTech fiction online through (primarily) BattleCorps, a subscription based website. After having acquired the full BattleTech license in 2007, IMR's Catalyst Game Labs imprint published print anthologies consisting mostly of stories previously published on BattleCorps, but their effort to publish full novels in print again was delayed for several years by unspecified issues until Embers of War was finally published in 2015.

Since 2018, CGL have increasingly offered BattleTech fiction in a print-on-demand (PoD) format, blurring the line between electronic and print publishing. Old novels, long out of print, as well as novels and novellas from the BattleCorps era that were only published in digital form, and entirely new fiction are now available in PoD format.

BattleTech books have been translated into (at least) fifteen languages. Germany is of particular note because several BattleTech novels were written and published in German exclusively, starting when FanPro (licensee for the German edition of BattleTech since 1988) acquired the full Classic BattleTech license in 2001. As foreign-language publications, these novels do not meet the current criteria for Canon. Only the novels published by Roc (and previously, FASA) in the United States are fully canonical, as are the IMR/CGL publications, be they print, PoD, or digital.


The first twelve BattleTech novels which were published directly by FASA are often considered the bedrock of the BattleTech universe. They portray the late Succession Wars era around the year 3025, up until the beginning the Clan Invasion era in 3049.

Decision at Thunder Rift

Decision at Thunder Rift (Saga of the Gray Death Legion #1), by William H. Keith, Jr.. Published June 1986. Timeline: 3024
On Trell I, Carlyle's Commandos, the House Steiner garrison, are destroyed in a sneak attack by Oberon Confederation forces that were supposed to reinforce the garrison, and their captain Durant Carlyle is killed. The Draconis Combine's "Red Duke" Hassid Ricol is revealed to be behind the plot, attempting to gain control of Trell I. Durant Carlyle's son Grayson Death Carlyle must help the people of Trell throw off the invading forces while trying to live up to his father's legacy.

The Sword and the Dagger

The Sword and the Dagger, by Ardath Mayhar. Published April 1987. Timeline: 3025
Ardan Sortek stumbles upon a plot to replace Hanse Davion, First Prince of the Federated Suns, with a double under the control of Maximilian Liao, Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation and sworn enemy of House Davion.

Mercenary's Star

Mercenary's Star (Saga of the Gray Death Legion #2), by William H. Keith, Jr.. Published June 1987. Timeline: 30253026
Grayson Carlyle's fledgling Gray Death Legion mercenary unit, formed in the fighting on Trell I and desperate for money, takes on their first mercenary contract: train the rebellious people of Verthandi to fight their Draconis Combine overlords.

The Price of Glory

The Price of Glory (Saga of the Gray Death Legion #3), by William H. Keith, Jr.. Published October 1987. Timeline: 30273028
Outlawed for an atrocious war crime that they did not commit, the Gray Death Legion find that they unknowingly held the key to an immeasurably valuable treasure for which they are now hunted—a fully functional Star League era library, the Helm Memory Core.

Warrior: En Garde

En Garde (The Warrior Trilogy #1), by Michael A. Stackpole. Published August 1988. Timeline: 30263027
False accusations and a sham trial exile Justin Xiang Allard from the Federated Suns. The resourceful MechWarrior finds a new home in the Capellan Confederation, the Federated Suns' enemy, and becomes a famous gladiator in the Solaris Games where he humbles a series of Federated Suns-affiliated gladiators in his meteoric rise to championship. Meanwhile, someone has kidnapped Melissa Steiner, heir to the throne of the Lyran Commonwealth and betrothed of Hanse Davion, First Prince of the Federated Suns. Daniel Allard and the Kell Hounds mercenary unit must face a foe from their past to rescue her.

Warrior: Riposte

Riposte (The Warrior Trilogy #2), by Michael A. Stackpole. Published October 1988. Timeline: 30273029
On the eve of his wedding to Melissa Steiner, Hanse Davion declares war on the Capellan Confederation, launching the Fourth Succession War. Justin Xiang works directly with Chancellor Maximilian Liao and his inner circle to stem the tide as a high-ranking intelligence officer in the Confederation. The renewed war also fans the flames of the feud between the Kell Hounds and Yorinaga Kurita.

Wolves on the Border

Wolves on the Border, by Robert N. Charrette. Published March 1989. Timeline: 30233028
The famous Wolf's Dragoons mercenaries become the target of a plot by an ambitious and devious Draconis Combine Warlord to control them permanently. Their liaison with the Combine, Minobu Tetsuhara, is an honest man and a friend to the Dragoons' leader, Colonel Jaime Wolf, and is caught between duty and friendship as war looms.

Warrior: Coupé

Coupé (The Warrior Trilogy #3), by Michael A. Stackpole. Published April 1989. Timeline: 30293030
The Capellan Confederation, weakened from within by treason and a Davion agent, is shattered in the Fourth Succession War while the Kell Hounds prepare for a final showdown with Yorinaga Kurita.

Heir to the Dragon

Heir to the Dragon, by Robert N. Charrette. Published August 1989. Timeline: 30183040
Theodore Kurita, only son of the Draconis Combine's reigning Coordinator Takashi Kurita, has grandiose ideas about the future of his nation but he is hindered by his father's conservative nature and fear of change, and must prove himself on the battlefield as well as the treacherous waters of the Combine court.

Lethal Heritage

Lethal Heritage (Blood of Kerensky Trilogy #1), by Michael A. Stackpole. Published September 1989. Timeline: 30493051
Two decades after the Fourth Succession War that forever altered the balance of power in the Inner Sphere, a new generation of leaders faces an entirely new threat: Mysterious invaders from beyond the Periphery threaten everything they know and love.

Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy (Blood of Kerensky Trilogy #2), by Michael A. Stackpole. Published December 1990. Timeline: 30513052
The invading Clans have been stopped temporarily, but old prejudices and hatreds still stand in the way of a cooperative Inner Sphere defense. Luthien, capital world of the Draconis Combine, may fall, a risk the Inner Sphere cannot afford to take.

Lost Destiny

Lost Destiny (Blood of Kerensky Trilogy #3), by Michael A. Stackpole. Published September 1991. Timeline: 3052
Despite some small victories, the Inner Sphere seems helpless to stop the renewed onslaught of the Clan juggernaut. At this time of greatest need, ComStar steps forward to fulfill their destiny as the saviors of humanity and reveals a hidden army that will duel with the Clans in a proxy fight for Terra on the backwater world of Tukayyid—the cataclysmic Battle of Tukayyid.

The Spider and the Wolf

The Spider and the Wolf. Published 1986. Timeline: 3015
A short graphic novel published in the same year as the first novel, The Spider and the Wolf centers on Natasha Kerensky, the BattleTech universe's first named celebrity, and depicts the inception and first mission of her famous Black Widow Company sub-command of Wolf's Dragoons.


Shrapnel. Published 1988. Timeline: ca. 29803025
Published by FASA as part of their line of BattleTech sourcebooks and game supplements (instead of novel format), the Shrapnel anthology contains a number of stand-alone short stories including a Gray Death Legion story by William H. Keith, Jr. and a story about Kell Hounds cofounder Patrick Kell by Michael A. Stackpole.

Roc Books[edit]

In 1991, Roc Books took over the ongoing novel line from FASA. They would later also launch the "MechWarrior" and "MechWarrior: Dark Age" novel lines.

BattleTech Novels[edit]

Way of the Clans

Way of the Clans (Legend of the Jade Phoenix trilogy #1), by Robert Thurston. Published August 1991. Timeline: ca. 3030s
Trueborn to Clan Jade Falcon, Cadet Aidan aspires to become a Warrior and contribute his genetic material to his Clan's breeding program. But sibko training is harsh and unforgiving.


Bloodname (Legend of the Jade Phoenix trilogy #2), by Robert Thurston. Published October 1991. Timeline: ca. 3040s
Aidan only managed to attain Warrior status through unconventional means and under the assumed identity of freeborn Warrior Jorge. Though this should preclude him from ever earning a Bloodname, he gets a chance to set his record straight.

Falcon Guard

Falcon Guard (Legend of the Jade Phoenix trilogy #3), by Robert Thurston. Published December 1991. Timeline: 30513052
Considered a pariah among his own Clan for his unconventional career, Star Colonel Aidan Pryde gets one last shot at redemption in the Battle of Tukayyid.

Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack, by Robert N. Charrette. Published April 1992. Timeline: 30533055
Over the course of half a century, Wolf's Dragoons have evolved from a fabulously successful mercenary unit into something resembling a small nation—too big to maintain coherence among their various subfactions. Torn between their Clan and Inner Sphere origins, they find themselves in what amounts to a civil war when an ambitious faction attempts a coup against Jaime Wolf.

Natural Selection

Natural Selection, by Michael A. Stackpole. Published July 1992. Timeline: 3055
A marauding band of raiders equipped with Clan weaponry crosses borders into the Inner Sphere and threatens to undo the Truce of Tukayyid. To contain the threat, Archon-Prince Designate Victor Steiner-Davion and Khan Phelan Ward of Clan Wolf must cooperate despite their differences. The assassination of Melissa Steiner-Davion adds to the overall tension.

Decision at Thunder Rift

Decision at Thunder Rift, reprint. Published September 1992.

Mercenary's Star

Mercenary's Star, reprint. Published November 1992.

The Price of Glory

The Price of Glory, reprint. Published January 1993.

Ideal War

Ideal War, by Christopher Kubasik. Published March 1993. Timeline: 30543055
After the Word of Blake sect was allowed to settle on the Free Worlds League planet of Gibson, they end up embroiled in a guerrilla war against local forces. Alarmed, Thomas Marik sends Sir Paul Masters of the Knights of the Inner Sphere to Gibson to evaluate the situation—and Masters finds many more factions active on Gibson than expected, deadlocked in a bloody, dirty and utterly chaotic guerrilla war.

Main Event

Main Event, by James D. Long. Published May 1993. Timeline: 30543055
Hired for garrison duty on Borghese, the newly-minted Black Thorns mercenary company finds themselves fighting both Clan Jade Falcon invaders and a political movement that wants to surrender the planet.

Blood of Heroes

Blood of Heroes (Saga of the Gray Death Legion #4), by Andrew Keith. Published July 1993. Timeline: 3056
While most of the unit's senior leaders and combat assets are off-planet, secessionists attack the Gray Death Legion on Glengarry in the opening moves of the Second Skye Rebellion, foreshadowing the FedCom Civil War. Led by Alexander Carlyle, a new generation steps up to defend their parents' legacy.

Assumption of Risk

Assumption of Risk, by Michael A. Stackpole. Published September 1993. Timeline: 3055
Kai Allard-Liao has returned to Solaris VII, the world that made his father famous. But being the Gaming World's champion is the least of his worries as conflicts abound, from the arrival of a former lover to the assassination plot of a political leader.

Far Country

Far Country, by Peter Rice. Published October 1993. Timeline: 3056
A Draconis Elite Strike Team, accompanied by a small mercenary group, are stranded in an unknown star system by a misjump with no contact to the rest of humanity. They make landfall on a planet with intelligent flightless birds and find that another group of humans who stranded here five centuries earlier has taken to enslaving the birds and established nations that now wage war on each other.


D.R.T., by James D. Long. Published May 1994. Timeline: 30563057
Having proven themselves a capable unit and equipped with captured Clan technology from Borghese, the Black Thorns accept a contract to Wolcott, the Draconis Combine's staging point behind the Clan lines, and from there embark on a deep strike mission against the Clan-held system of Courchevel.

Close Quarters

Close Quarters, by Victor Milán. Published September 1994. Timeline: 3056
Hired to provide protection for Chandrasekhar Kurita's business holdings on Hachiman, Camacho's Caballeros and Cassie Suthorn begin to feel out a plot to take down the high-ranking noble. When an alliance between his foes threatens Chandrasekhar's interests, Cassie and the Caballeros face a tough battle between their friends in the Ninth Ghost Regiment and Ninyu Kerai Indrahar, the spymaster manipulating the whole conflict.

Bred for War

Bred for War, by Michael A. Stackpole. Published January 1995. Timeline: 3057
Victor Steiner-Davion's Federated Commonwealth badly needs the war material that is provided by the Free Worlds League in exchange for treating Joshua Marik, the Captain-General's dying son, for leukemia. When the boy dies, he is replaced with a double, but the ruse is discovered with disastrous consequences: Houses Marik and Liao use the deception as a pretext to invade the Federated Commonwealth, and Victor's treacherous sister uses the opportunity to tear it apart and secure the Lyran Alliance for herself. Meanwhile, the Refusal War pits two entire Clans, the Jade Falcons and the Wolves, against each other in a fight to the death.

I Am Jade Falcon

I Am Jade Falcon, by Robert Thurston. Published March 1995. Timeline: 3057
For aging and frustrated Star Commander Joanna, the Refusal War between Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf is her last chance to earn glory.

Highlander Gambit

Highlander Gambit, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published June 1995. Timeline: 3057
Thirty years after the Northwind Highlanders switched sides from the Capellan Confederation to the Federated Suns in the Fourth Succession War, the Capellan Chancellor orders Loren Jaffray, an elite Death Commando and descendant of a Highlander, to sacrifice everything he is and everything he has to destroy the bonds between the Federated Commonwealth and the Highlanders, even if it means the Highlanders' destruction.

Tactics of Duty

Tactics of Duty (Saga of the Gray Death Legion #5), by William H. Keith, Jr.. Published August 1995. Timeline: 3057
Together with Alexander Carlyle, high-ranking Gray Death Legion officer Davis McCall travels to his homeworld Caledonia and finds that the new planetary governor has created a gruesome terror regime. The Gray Death Legion, bound by contract to uphold law and order, is called in to suppress the brewing rebellion in what is actually a plot to place the Legion into a no-win situation.

Lethal Heritage

Lethal Heritage, reprint. Published September 1995.

Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy, reprint. Published November 1995.

Lost Destiny

Lost Destiny, reprint. Published December 1995.

Star Lord

Star Lord, by Donald G. Phillips. Published February 1996. Timeline: 3057
Stefan Amaris VII, a distant heir of Stefan Amaris, is building up a secret army in the Periphery to sow unrest, sending his units on terror attacks bearing false colors. A disparate group of operatives under the aegis of the Knights of the Inner Sphere is tasked with putting an end to his marauding.

Malicious Intent

Malicious Intent, by Michael A. Stackpole. Published March 1996. Timeline: 30573058
Right after the Refusal War, Clan Jade Falcon attacks Coventry, which has the unintended side effect of uniting disparate elements of the Inner Sphere. Vlad of Clan Wolf attempts to rebuild his clan with political intrigue.

Wolves on the Border

Wolves on the Border, reprint. Published May 1996.

Hearts of Chaos

Hearts of Chaos, by Victor Milán. Published June 1996. Timeline: 30563058
Camacho's Caballeros are sent to Towne, where they find the planet split between support for the local Davionists, and the desire for stability among the Draconis Combine. Behind the Combine troops, however, are the Kokuryu-kai, a mysterious organization that wants to overthrow the Coordinator.

Operation Excalibur

Operation Excalibur (Saga of the Gray Death Legion #6), by William H. Keith, Jr.. Published August 1996. Timeline: 3057
Ruled to have broken their contract on Caledonia, their leader stripped of his landhold and titles, the ostensibly desperate Gray Death Legion hires out to their erstwhile enemy, the rebellious governor of Hesperus II. Under the guise of turncoats, they play a dangerous game of brinkmanship to bring Hesperus II back into the Lyran Alliance that culminates in a battle within the 'Mech factory itself.

Heir to the Dragon

Heir to the Dragon, reprint. Published September 1996.

Black Dragon

Black Dragon, by Victor Milán. Published November 1996. Timeline: 3058
Camacho's Caballeros are invited to Luthien to be honored for their work on Towne, only to begin to unravel a plot to kill the Coordinator.

Impetus of War

Impetus of War, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published December 1996. Timeline: 3058
The Draconis Combine hires out the famous Northwind Highlanders for a daring mission into Clan space. "Cat" Stirling and Loren Jaffray take the Stirling Fusiliers to the planet of Wayside V deep behind Clan lines for a strike against Clan Smoke Jaguar's supply lines.


Double-Blind, by Loren L. Coleman. Published April 1997. Timeline: 3058
The mercenary unit Avanti's Angels is hired by the Magistracy of Canopus to defend them against the Marian Hegemony—a conflict behind which lurks the Word of Blake.

Binding Force

Binding Force, by Loren L. Coleman. Published July 1997. Timeline: 3058
The Capellan Confederation, bent on recapturing their lost territories in what is now the Chaos March, sends Warrior House Hiritsu to conquer Kaifeng. While stranded behind enemy lines, Hiritsu Warrior Aris Sung learns of a traitor within House Hiritsu.

Exodus Road

Exodus Road (Twilight of the Clans #1), by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published August 1997. Timeline: 30523058
A disillusioned Warrior from Clan Smoke Jaguar provides the Inner Sphere with the information and navigational data to strike at Huntress, the Smoke Jaguar capital world.

Grave Covenant

Grave Covenant (Twilight of the Clans #2), by Michael A. Stackpole. Published September 1997. Timeline: 30583059
The states of the Inner Sphere have re-formed the Star League, and a multinational coalition task force is created to utterly destroy Clan Smoke Jaguar as a show of force.

The Hunters

The Hunters (Twilight of the Clans #3), by Thomas S. Gressman. Published December 1997. Timeline: 30583059
Under the command of Marshal of the Armies Morgan Hasek-Davion, Task Force Serpent sets out on the long voyage to Huntress, hoping to surprise and overwhelm the distant homeworld of Clan Smoke Jaguar and make the hunters become the hunted.


Freebirth (Twilight of the Clans #4), by Robert Thurston. Published February 1998. Timeline: 30583059
Ordered to inspect a project of the science caste at a Clan Jade Falcon outpost on the Clan Smoke Jaguar world of Huntress, Star Captain Horse finds evidence of a secret cooperation between the Jade Falcon and Smoke Jaguar scientist castes.

Warrior: En Garde

Warrior: En Garde, reprint ("10th anniversary edition"). Published April 1998.

Warrior: Riposte

Warrior: Riposte, reprint ("10th anniversary edition"). Published June 1998.

Sword and Fire

Sword and Fire (Twilight of the Clans #5), by Thomas S. Gressman. Published August 1998. Timeline: 3060
After the death of Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion, Ariana Winston, the General in charge of the Eridani Light Horse, leads Task Force Serpent on. Even while they fight to neutralize Huntress, however, a new wave of Smoke Jaguar warriors is on its way back from the Inner Sphere, pushed out by Victor Steiner-Davion's Operation Bulldog.

Shadows of War

Shadows of War (Twilight of the Clans #6), by Thomas S. Gressman. Published September 1998. Timeline: 3060
On Huntress, Task Force Serpent has dug in and is fighting a desperate defense while enraged Clan Smoke Jaguar troops flood the field, until Operation Hunter arrives and eradicates the last of the Smoke Jaguars. But then Victor Steiner-Davion reveals the true goal of their fight: Strana Mechty, the homeworld of the Clans, itself.

Warrior: Coupé

Warrior: Coupé, reprint ("10th anniversary edition"). Published November 1998.

Prince of Havoc

Prince of Havoc (Twilight of the Clans #7), by Michael A. Stackpole. Published December 1998. Timeline: 30603061
Victor Steiner-Davion leads his battered forces to Strana Mechty and begins the bidding process for a Trial about the Clan invasion itself, to end it once and for all. His forces prevail, but Khan Vlad Ward of Clan Wolf lets off a parting shot as the coalition forces leave his homeworld: the Inner Sphere may not be as stable as when they left.

Falcon Rising

Falcon Rising (Twilight of the Clans #8), by Robert Thurston. Published March 1999. Timeline: 30593061
Following in the footsteps of her father Aidan, freeborn Warrior Diana of Clan Jade Falcon competes for a Bloodname. This not only alienates many in her own Clan, but pushes the Jade Falcons on the brink of war with the conservative Clan Steel Viper. Meanwhile, the coalition forces arrive back in the Inner Sphere, years after they left, and find it changed as Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion has usurped the Federated Commonwealth and left her brother, Victor Steiner-Davion, without a throne.

Threads of Ambition

Threads of Ambition (The Capellan Solution duology #1), by Loren L. Coleman. Published May 1999. Timeline: 30603061
Thirty years after his aunt Candace split off from the Capellan Confederation and formed the St. Ives Compact, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao uses his powerful position of First Lord of the resurrected Star League to set a plan in motion that will allow his Confederation to reclaim the breakaway commonality.

The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields (The Capellan Solution duology #2), by Loren L. Coleman. Published August 1999. Timeline: 3062
The conclusion of the long and bloody struggle to reabsorb the St. Ives Compact back into the Capellan Confederation.

Dagger Point

Dagger Point, by Thomas S. Gressman. Published April 2000. Timeline: 30613062
The noble Eridani Light Horse are deployed to the St. Ives Compact as Star League peacekeepers in the small nation's ongoing conflict with the Capellan Confederation. But the mission is a sham; First Lord Sun-Tzu Liao is not really seeking peace, but rather wants his Confederation to recapture St. Ives.

Illusions of Victory

Illusions of Victory, by Loren L. Coleman. Published May 2000. Timeline: 3062
On the game world of Solaris VII, the FedCom Civil War spills beyond grudge matches and out into the streets.

Measure of a Hero

Measure of a Hero, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published July 2000. Timeline: 30623063
In the FedCom Civil War, decorated war hero Archer Christifori takes up arms against Lyran oppression on Thorin.

Path of Glory

Path of Glory, by Randall N. Bills. Published December 2000. Timeline: 30613062
Around the beginning of the FedCom Civil War, Clan Nova Cat and the Draconis Combine forge an unlikely alliance.


Flashpoint, by Loren L. Coleman. Published April 2001. Timeline: 3062
During the FedCom Civil War, the planetary militia on Kathil rises against the Lyran 8th FedCom RCT.

Test of Vengeance

Test of Vengeance, by Bryan Nystul. Published June 2001. Timeline: 30623064
Elemental Warrior Jake Kabrinski rises through the ranks of Clan Ghost Bear and fights in the Combine-Ghost Bear War.

Patriots and Tyrants

Patriots and Tyrants, by Loren L. Coleman. Published September 2001. Timeline: 30613063
The FedCom Civil War builds up as Katherine Steiner-Davion and her brother Victor Steiner-Davion maneuver against each other.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published October 2001. Timeline: 3063
On Odessa, treachery pits Archer's Avengers against Snord's Irregulars during the FedCom Civil War.

Storms of Fate

Storms of Fate, by Loren L. Coleman. Published April 2002. Timeline: 30643065
The FedCom Civil War gains momentum as Victor Steiner-Davion and Katherine Steiner-Davion continue their conflict.

Operation Audacity

Operation Audacity, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published June 2002. Timeline: 30643065
During the FedCom Civil War, Clan Jade Falcon attacks and seizes planets in the Lyran Alliance. Prince Victor Steiner-Davion sends Major General Archer Christifori to check the Clan advance by taking Clan worlds behind those recently captured.


Endgame, by Loren L. Coleman. Published September 2002. Timeline: 30653067
Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and his allies attempt to crush the Loyalists under Victor's sister, Katrina, and bring an end to the FedCom Civil War which culminates in the attack on Tharkad.

The Legend of the Jade Phoenix

The Legend of the Jade Phoenix, by Robert Thurston. Published October 2003.
Omnibus reprint of the Jade Phoenix trilogy (Way of the Clans, Bloodname, and Falcon Guard).

MechWarrior Novels[edit]

Ghost of Winter

Ghost of Winter, by Stephen Kenson. Published October 1999. Timeline: 3060
Kore, a backwater mining world in the Periphery, is attacked by raiders. The tiny militia force is defeated, but one MechWarrior escapes and stumbles across the treasure the raiders are after: A small Clan 'Mech cache.

Roar of Honor

Roar of Honor, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published October 1999. Timeline: 3062
The Stalking Bears, a newly formed Trinary, are sent to garrison the planet Toffen and defend it against an attack from Clan Wolf.

By Blood Betrayed

By Blood Betrayed, by Blaine Lee Pardoe and Mel Odom. Published November 1999. Timeline: 3059
After his brother was killed while fighting for Able's Aces, farmboy Harley Rassor joins the mercenary unit to find out what really happened.

Initiation to War

Initiation to War, by Robert N. Charrette. Published November 2001. Timeline: 30613063
On Epsilon Eridani, a young militia warrior learns what it means to be a MechWarrior.

The Dying Time

The Dying Time (Saga of the Gray Death Legion #7), by Thomas S. Gressman. Published January 2002. Timeline: 3065
Grayson Death Carlyle, the famous founder of the Gray Death Legion, passes away. His wife takes up the reins as the mercenary unit embark on their greatest challenge since their inception and return to Hesperus II to protect the facility during the ravages of the FedCom Civil War.

Imminent Crisis

Imminent Crisis, by Randall N. Bills. Published March 2002. Timeline: 30653066
On New Syrtis, the 8th Syrtis Fusiliers become entangled in the FedCom Civil War.

MechWarrior: Dark Age Novels[edit]

Ghost War

Ghost War, by Michael A. Stackpole. Published December 2002. Timeline: 31323133
Sam Donelly investigates a terrorist organization on the planets Helen and Basalt.

A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms, by Loren L. Coleman. Published February 2003. Timeline: 3133
Customs officer Raul Ortega must deal with a Steel Wolves attack on the planet Achernar, one of the few worlds with a working HPG station.

The Ruins of Power

The Ruins of Power, by Robert E. Vardeman. Published April 2003. Timeline: 3133
War comes to Mirach, and the pacifistic governor wants none of it. His son Austin must take up the sword instead.

A Silence in the Heavens

A Silence in the Heavens (The Proving Grounds trilogy #1), by Martin Delrio. Published June 2003. Timeline: 31323133
The Steel Wolves, led by Anastasia Kerensky, assault Northwind. They are opposed by Tara Campbell and her Highlanders, as well as Paladin Ezekiel Crow.

Truth and Shadows

Truth and Shadows (The Proving Grounds trilogy #2), by Martin Delrio. Published August 2003. Timeline: 31333134
While Tara Campbell and Ezekiel Crow grow closer, Anastasia Kerensky makes another attempt on Northwind. Meanwhile, a dark secret threatens to unravel the alliance against the Steel Wolves.

Service for the Dead

Service for the Dead (The Proving Grounds trilogy #3), by Martin Delrio. Published November 2003. Timeline: 3134
Twice repulsed from Northwind, Anastasia Kerensky leads her Steel Wolves to Terra, the capital of the Republic of the Sphere. Tara Campbell must not only stop the Wolf leader, but also confront a traitor closer to home.

By Temptations and By War

By Temptations and By War, by Loren L. Coleman. Published December 2003. Timeline: 3134
The planet Liao holds special significance to the Capellan Confederation and its ruling House Liao. Chancellor Daoshen Liao sends an agent to regain the planet from the Republic and resurrect a long-dead Warrior House. The mystery of the Betrayer of Liao is resolved.

Fortress of Lies

Fortress of Lies, by J. Steven York. Published February 2004. Timeline: 3134
Duke Aaron Sandoval uses his nephew Erik to make alliances and oppose the Capellan advance into the Republic.

Patriot's Stand

Patriot's Stand, by Mike Moscoe. Published April 2004. Timeline: 3134
When an unscrupulous businessman hires Hansen's Roughriders to help him conquer the planet Alkalurops, the determined natives must put their fate in the hands of a ragtag group of mercenaries.

Flight of the Falcon

Flight of the Falcon, by Victor Milán. Published June 2004. Timeline: 3134
Clan Jade Falcon enters the fray as the Hazen sibkin, Malvina and Alex, lead an incursion into the Republic. Their target: Skye.

Blood of the Isle

Blood of the Isle, by Loren L. Coleman. Published August 2004. Timeline: 31343135
An unlikely alliance has arisen between the loyal Highlanders, the secessionist Stormhammers and the predatory Steel Wolves to protect the planet Skye against Clan Jade Falcon.

Hunters of the Deep

Hunters of the Deep, by Randall N. Bills. Published October 2004. Timeline: 3134
Clan Sea Fox roams the space lanes like interstellar gypsies, buying and selling at every world and living almost entirely on their enormous ArcShips and CargoShips. In the midst of his regular duties, ovKhan Petr Kalasa of Delta Aimag uncovers intrigue among his fellow merchants.

The Scorpion Jar

The Scorpion Jar, by Jason M. Hardy. Published December 2004. Timeline: 31343135
The death of a legendary hero triggers further crisis in the Republic of the Sphere. With all of his fellow Paladins gathered on Terra to elect a new Exarch, Jonah Levin investigates the mystery behind this tragic murder and uncovers a conspiracy that could bring the Republic to the brink of destruction.

Target of Opportunity

Target of Opportunity, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published February 2005. Timeline: 3135
ComStar once ruled the realm of interstellar communications throughout the Inner Sphere. Then came the Jihad, launched by a fanatical splinter group. The organization rebuilt, but the crash of the Hyperpulse Generator net nearly three years ago may just be the fatal blow for ComStar. One young Adept thinks he may have the answer to restoring communications, but will he be allowed to test his theory or will he become the pawn of warring factions?

Sword of Sedition

Sword of Sedition, by Loren L. Coleman. Published April 2005. Timeline: 31343135
Strife continues to build in the Republic government and the new Exarch struggles to repair the damage. With dignitaries from across human space arriving to honor a fallen hero, Terra becomes a pressure cooker that may just explode and bring devastation to everyone.

Daughter of the Dragon

Daughter of the Dragon, by Ilsa J. Bick. Published June 2005. Timeline: 31343136
Katana Tormark was once a powerful figure in the Republic until the crash of the HPG system brought out her true allegiance. Now she conquers in the name of the Draconis Combine. But does Coordinator Vincent Kurita support or despise her?

Heretic's Faith

Heretic's Faith, by Randall N. Bills. Published August 2005. Timeline: 31353137
Clan Nova Cat is known for following their mystical visions, even when the path appears strange to outsiders. Led by the visions of the Mystic Caste, the Nova Cats take up an offer of alliance extended to them by Katana Tormark, now Warlord of Dieron. Will they take the opportunity to reconnect with their sundered brethren in the Republic? Or destroy them?

Fortress Republic

Fortress Republic, by Loren L. Coleman. Published October 2005. Timeline: 3135
With more and more threats appearing on his doorstep, Exarch Jonah Levin has a tough decision to make. Will his attempts to save the Republic doom it instead? Meanwhile, Julian Davion, stripped of his position as Prince's Champion, leads a multinational force against the Senatorial rebellion and Caleb Davion assumes control of the Federated Suns.

Blood Avatar

Blood Avatar, by Ilsa J. Bick. Published December 2005. Timeline: 31353136
The first body that turns up in Farway, a secluded town on the planet Denebola, is from out of town. When the Denebola Bureau of Investigation and the legate’s office from half the planet away decide to help identify the murder victim, Sheriff Hank Ketchum knows he’s in over his head. Enter the infamous Detective Jack Ramsey. With the help of the talented and beautiful local medical examiner, Amanda Slade, Ramsey digs into the case and discovers evidence that puts Farway at the heart of a conspiracy. But who’s the greater threat—the Clans, the Word of Blake or the legate’s intelligence operative?

Trial by Chaos

Trial by Chaos, by J. Steven York. Published June 2006. Timeline: 3136
The Raging Bears have begun their occupation of the planet Vega with the hope of restoring order on a planet beset by violence and civil ruin. But their bold move to stabilize Prefecture I for the Republic of the Sphere may prove to be the chance their enemies have waited for...
While the military takeover of Vega was no great challenge, setting up a new planetary government and restoring the infrastructure of civilization has proven to be far more difficult for the peacekeeping forces of the Rasalhague Dominion. There remains an underground resistance that refuses to stand down, and the Bears suspect that the Draconis Combine is secretly supporting the rebellion. As the Combine threatens them from without, the Bears also find themselves plagued by betrayal and deception from within. Unless they can expose the rival elements in their Clan, they may end up as fodder for destruction...

Principles of Desolation

Principles of Desolation, by Jason M. Hardy and Randall N. Bills. Published August 2006. Timeline: 31353136
For more than a year: "divine leader" Daoshen Liao has relentlessly pushed his Capellan Confederation forces in their invasion of the Republic. Now the time has come for the next stage of his conquest—a conquest that will begin not with an enemy, but with his own family...
Raised among royalty in the Magistracy of Canopus, where the superiority of women is a cultural axiom, Danai Liao-Centrella possesses all the confidence necessary for her to ascend through the confederacy ranks, despite having to contend with the constant machinations of her maniacal brother, Daoshen.
But when her latest mission ends in defeat and personal disgrace, Danai will face the greatest challenge of her life. Chancellor Daoshen rewards her failure by giving her a battalion of her own and a brand-new battlefield. And Danai is about to learn that in service to the state, even family comes second to safeguarding the Capellan Confederation.

Wolf Hunters

Wolf Hunters, by Kevin Killiany. Published November 2006. Timeline: 31353136
Anastasia Kerensky has declared the Steel Wolf Clan to be mercenaries, rechristening them Wolf Hunters. The combination of autonomy and wealth will make them more than a match for any MechWarrior battalion suicidal enough to challenge them.
But the real challenge comes from within the Clan. Star Colonel Varnoff believes Kerensky has betrayed them all—and with a loyal faction of Steel Wolves at his side vows to destroy all the Wolf Hunters.

Surrender Your Dreams

Surrender Your Dreams, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published December 2006. Timeline: 31353138
They are the Fidelis, a brotherhood of warriors whose devotion to honor and courage on the battlefield is unmatched. Their existence known only to a former exarch, they are a fighting force to be reckoned with—a force of three knights must consider as they undertake missions that could save the Republic... or cripple it.

Dragon Rising

Dragon Rising, by Ilsa J. Bick. Published February 2007. Timeline: 31363137
When several planets are left to fend for themselves, becoming pawns in a deadly game of territorial sovereignty, Katana Tormark, a warlord of Dieron, must join forces with the Combine's coordinator to gain control of these worlds and reestablish the historic Dieron Military district.

Masters of War

Masters of War, by Michael A. Stackpole. Published April 2007. Timeline: 31363137
Clan Wolf decides to pick up and move halfway across the Inner Sphere. How will this decision affect Alaric Wolf (an adopted warrior whose parentage is surprising), Anastasia Kerensky (one-time leader of the Steel Wolves, now commander of the mercenary Wolf Hunters), and Verena (a Clan Wolf-in-Exile warrior who was tossed out of the Steel Wolves by Anastasia)?

A Rending of Falcons

A Rending of Falcons, by Victor Milán. Published June 2007. Timeline: 31353136
Within Clan Jade Falcon, Malvina Hazen begins a civil war against Khan Jana Pryde.

Pandora's Gambit

Pandora's Gambit, by Randall N. Bills. Published August 2007. Timeline: 31353137
Following the sundering of the Free Worlds League in 3069, three contenders for the throne of the Captain-General vie for supremacy.

Fire at Will

Fire at Will, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published October 2007. Timeline: 31363138
For too long, the people of the Lyran Commonwealth have only reacted to attacks by their enemies. Now, Archon Melissa Steiner launches an intricate gambit that will secure the safety of her subjects—and secure her own power against those who wish to take it...

The Last Charge

The Last Charge, by Jason M. Hardy. Published December 2007. Timeline: 3138
Anson Marik is at his wit's end. The Lyrans are pressing on his borders. His chief tactician has resigned. And his abilities as a leader are failing him. Now his enemies are on the move, taking the Commonwealth planet by planet, forcing Marik to pull his forces back in a bravely-fought running retreat. And if Marik cannot gather his strength to stop the invasion, his people will be doomed...

To Ride the Chimera

To Ride the Chimera, by Kevin Killiany. Published February 2008. Timeline: 31383139
A MechWarrior without peer, Thaddeus Marik has become the figurehead for a new community of worlds attempting to resurrect the Free Worlds League. After defeating a Lyran invasion on the planet of Savannah and negotiating a successful alliance with the Protectorate Coalition, Marik must now ally himself with Jessica Halas-Hughes Marik if the new league is to have a chance.
Having Marik and his forces at her side gives Jessica much-needed credibility and greater influence on Oriente. But old hatreds die hard, erupting in a war against enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy the founding of a new league...


No Limits

No Limits, by Nigel Findley. Published May 1996. A noncanonical crossover novel that was published under the "Virtual Worlds" moniker (and not as a proper BattleTech novel).
By means of a secret technology, the protagonist travels from the real world to virtual (or alternate) realities and ends up in the BattleTech universe.

Catalyst Game Labs[edit]

InMediaRes, through their BattleCorps website and Catalyst Game Labs imprint, continued the BattleTech line and eventually resumed the publication of print fiction. Around 2017, as the BattleCorps website was closing down, CGL increasingly turned to the print-on-demand publication model, blurring the line between print and electronic publication. Newer releases tend to be in electronic and PoD format, forgoing classic print runs. Most older books have been republished in this fashion as well.

Anniversary Book[edit]

25 Years of Art & Fiction

BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction, published October 2009.
Anniversary book in large 8.4 x 6.8 inch coffeetable-book format to celebrate BattleTech's 25th birthday. Includes 17 short stories, plus art and general information on the universe and the franchise.

Print Anthologies[edit]

Following their success of BattleCorps, the subscription-based online BattleTech fiction portal, CGL began publishing print anthologies of BattleCorps stories. Each anthology includes a selection of BattleCorps stories that had previously been published online (most of them typically in one particular year), plus one hitherto unpublished, all-new short story. Further anthologies were published even after BattleCorps was shut down in 2017, both as "BattleCorps" and "BattleTech" anthologies.

The Corps
The Corps (BattleCorps Anthology 1). Published May 2008.
18 short stories; except for an all-new one, all had been published online on BattleCorps during 2004 (one is a multipart serial that had its first two parts published in 2003 already to advertise the BattleCorps site).
First Strike
First Strike (BattleCorps Compilation vol. 2). Published December 2010.
18 short stories; except for an all-new one, all had been published online on BattleCorps throughout (mostly) 2005, with three stories from 2004 and one from 2006.
Weapons Free
Weapons Free (BattleCorps Anthology 3). Published in electronic format in June 2012, and in print in September 2012.
16 short stories; except for an all-new one, most had been published online on BattleCorps throughout 2006 (and one in 2005).
Fire for Effect
Fire for Effect (BattleCorps Anthology 4). Published in electronic format in August 2013, and in print in September 2013.
17 short stories; except for an all-new one, all had been published online on BattleCorps throughout 2007. Includes the entire Case White series.
Counterattack (BattleCorps Anthology Volume 5). Published in electronic format and in print in August 2014 (at Gen Con).
13 short stories; except for an all-new one, all had been published online on BattleCorps throughout 2008.
Front Lines
Front Lines (BattleCorps Anthology Vol. 6). Published in print and electronically in August 2016 (at Gen Con).
10 short stories; except for an all-new one, all had been published online on BattleCorps throughout 2009.
Legacy, an anthology of stories by various authors. Published 2017. Timeline: 27793090.
Although subtitled as an anthology, the thirteen stories together form an overarching narrative of the history of one individual BattleMech—a Grasshopper—across three centuries of conflicts.
Kill Zone
Kill Zone (BattleCorps Anthology Vol. 7). Published in print and electronically in July 2019.
10 short stories; except for an all-new one, all had been published online on BattleCorps throughout 2010.


Embers of War
Embers of War, by Jason Schmetzer. Published 2015. Timeline: 30663067
The Stealthy Tigers mercenary unit find themselves embroiled in the conflict against the Word of Blake on Hall.
Betrayal of Ideals
Betrayal of Ideals, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published 2016 (print edition of a BattleCorps story that was first published in electronic format in 2006-2007, with an additional prologue and epilogue chapter added; a first print edition that was sold at Gen Con 2016 was thinner than later editions, omitting the original epilogues). Timeline: 28212824, with 3041 epilogue
Clan Wolverine, the "Not-named Clan", was destroyed with extreme prejudice. The Clans will not openly speak of what happened, and remain largely unaware that their historical records were falsified to conceal the truth: Nicholas Kerensky was readily prepared to spill the blood of friend and foe alike to create and guide his artificial society with an iron fist, and was not quite the saint the Clans want to remember him as.
The Nellus Academy Incident
The Nellus Academy Incident, by Jennifer Brozek. Published 4 March 2018 (after having first been published via BattleCorps in 2012–2013). Timeline: 3067
A group of cadets from the Free Worlds League find themselves in a bloody shooting war after their DropShip is hijacked by ruthless mercenaries from the Lyran Alliance.
A Splinter of Hope + The Anvil
A Splinter of Hope + The Anvil, by Philip A. Lee and Blaine Lee Pardoe, respectively. Limited omnibus print edition first sold at Gen Con 2018, available as print-on-demand since 2019. Timeline: 31473148
In A Splinter of Hope the critically weakened Federated Suns desperately seek to retake New Syrtis from the Capellan Confederation, breaking the truce they had in place.
In The Anvil, Clan Jade Falcon Galaxy Commander Stephanie Chistu moves to take Coventry from the Lyran Commonwealth, to erase an old stain on her Clan's honor yet at the same time trying to maintain honor in the face of Malvina Hazen's cruel ideas for the operation.
Forever Faithful
Forever Faithful, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published February 2019 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 30603078, with 3140 frame and epilogue.
A final entry to the Twilight of the Clans series, Forever Faithful showcases the aftereffects of the annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar, and how their final commanding officer Paul Moon and the "traitor" Trent attempt to limit the fallout, spanning the bridge to the Dark Age and the Fidelis.
Redemption Rift
Redemption Rift, by Jason Schmetzer, originally published in 2013 as short stories, reformatted as a novella in September 2019 in print-on-demand format. Center around the storied Wolf's Dragoons' Spider's Web Battalion during Draconis Combine's invasion of the Draconis Rift in 3139. The novel tells the story of the Dark Age Era Dragoons' Combined-Arms battalion actions during the invasion trying s secure independent worlds from the Federated Suns and trying prove to the Inner Sphere, they still force to be reckoned with.
Iron Dawn
Iron Dawn (Rogue Academy Trilogy #1), by Jennifer Brozek. Published April 2019 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 3150.
MechWarrior cadets get involved in the defense of Emporia against an assault from Draconis Combine forces.
Kell Hounds Ascendant
Kell Hounds Ascendant, by Michael A. Stackpole. Published July 2019 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 3010
An omnibus print edition of three novellas narrating the inception and early exploits of the Kell Hounds mercenaries: Not the Way the Smart Money Bets, A Tiny Spot of Rebellion, and A Clever Bit of Fiction.
A Bonfire of Worlds
A Bonfire of Worlds, by Steven Mohan Jr.. Published August 2019. Timeline: 31363143
Tucker Harwell, abducted by ComStar in their desperate bid to fix the HPG network, makes startling discoveries about the Blackout and its background. Meanwhile, Clans Jade Falcon (under Malvina Hazen) and Wolf (under Alaric Wolf) continue their plans for dominance.
Shell Games
Shell Games, by Jason Schmetzer. Published May 2020. Timeline: 3149
In an effort to relieve pressure on their allies in the Federated Suns the Republic of the Sphere launches an offensive to take the strategic world of Dieron from the Draconis Combine.
Divided We Fall
Divided We Fall, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published May 2020. Timeline: 31493150
Hungry for glory and honor, Wolf's Dragoons are growing weary of their contract with the Draconis Combine which is keeping them from the most prestigious and pivotal fronts of the war with the Federated Suns. Clan Wolf is searching for ways to strengthen their touman as they continue their drive towards Terra. Warrior Marotta Kerensky has an ambitious plan to reunite the two after their long separation and solve the problems of both parties.
Ghost Hour
Ghost Hour (Rogue Academy Trilogy #2), by Jennifer Brozek. Published June 2020 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 3150.
The cadets of Emporia continue their fight against the villainous Takeji Yoshizawa even as the full extent of his machinations and the lengths he is willing to go to achieve them reveal themselves.
Grey Watch Protocol
Grey Watch Protocol (The Highlander Covenant (series) #1), by Michael J. Ciaravella. Published June 2020 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 3150.
The Northwind Highlanders bravely defend their homeworld and the Republic of the Sphere against a Capellan invasion.
Rock of the Republic
Rock of the Republic, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published July 2020 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 31483149.
Returned from his cryogenic slumber, hero and founder of the Republic of the Sphere Devlin Stone must find a way to save his floundering nation from the brink of destruction. Meanwhile, former Exarch Damien Redburn leads the Republic Remnant as they desperately fight to survive outside The Wall.
Honor’s Gauntlet
Honor's Gauntlet, by Bryan Young. Published August 2020 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 31503151.
Star Captain Archer Pryde of the Jade Falcons must put down a rebellion against Falcon rule on the planet of Zebeneschamali. However, he is weary of Khan Malvina Hazen's violent and brutal Mongol Doctrine. Even worse, Hazen, always eager to put down political dissidents among her clan, suspects Pryde of his reservations and has sent an officer to test his loyalties.
Icons of War
Icons of War, by Craig A. Reed. Published September 2020 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 30713147.
Warrior Garmen Kerensky is tasked with a special assignment by Khan Vlad Ward — secret mission to steal away the most revered body of the long-dead General Alexander Kerensky from the Clan Homeworlds even as Clan Wolf secretly removes itself to the Inner Sphere. To further complicate matters, the Home Clans are on the brink of the most devastating conflict since the Pentagon Civil War and it seems the only way to succeed is for Garmen to work with the disgraceful and repugnant Dark Caste of Clan society.
Children of Kerensky
Children of Kerensky, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published October 2020 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 31213151.
The capture of Terra and formation of a new Star League under Clan rule has been the goal of the Clans around which their entire society has centered since their invasion of the Inner Sphere. At long last, almost a century following their initial invasion, fighting through fellow Clans, the Lyran Commonwealth, and the Republic of the Sphere, the Wolf Empire and Clan Jade Falcon approach this most coveted of prizes.
Hour of the Wolf
Hour of the Wolf, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published January 2021. Timeline: 3151
Alaric Ward and Malvina Hazen, Khans of Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon, lead their Clans in an assault on Terra, each determined to claim the mantle of ilClan.
Paid in Blood
Paid in Blood (The Highlander Covenant (series) #2), by Michael J. Ciaravella. Published April 2021 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 3150.
The Northwind Highlanders continue their defense against the Capellan Confederation and their Canopian lackeys. But with the loss of Northwind's HPG to the Capellans and the approach of reinforcements from their allies in the Draconis Combine the stakes couldn't be higher for the Highlanders.
Blood Will Tell
Blood Will Tell, by Jason Schmetzer. Published May 2021. Timeline: 31483149
Danai Liao-Centrella grows into her role as a leader as well as a MechWarrior while serving the Capellan Confederation in its war against the Republic of the Sphere.
Crimson Night
Crimson Night (Rogue Academy Trilogy #3), by Jennifer Brozek. Published July 2021 in print-on-demand format. Timeline: 3150.
Emporia's cadets struggle to save the remnants of their home. Meanwhile Takeji Yoshizawa struggles with dissension and insubordination within his command against the atrocities has committed.
Hunting Season
Hunting Season, by Philip A. Lee. Published August 2021. Timeline: 31463149
Thrust into leadership of the Free Worlds League after the death of her father and withdrawal of her mother, Nikol Marik must navigate a web of politics and intrigue while trying to discover the truth behind her father’s death.
No Substitute for Victory
No Substitute for Victory, by Blaine Lee Pardoe. Published January 2022. Timeline: 31423151
Left behind on the world of Jangso when Clan Jade Falcon raced for Terra, aging Star Commander Hasara is forced to contend with a Lyran-backed uprising against Falcon rule.
Elements of Treason: Duty
Elements of Treason: Duty, by Craig A. Reed, Jr.. Published March 2022. Timeline: 31513152
After months of an odd silence and emptiness from the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, and with nothing from Tharkad but timid orders to do nothing, Hauptmann-General Sarah Regis decides to go rogue with her unit, the Twenty-sixth Arcturan Guards, to liberate her homeworld of Tamar from the brutal oppression of the Jade Falcons and return it to Lyran rule. But when she gets there she finds few Falcons and a populace unwilling to return to the rule of the Commonwealth that they feel abandoned them. Now Regis must plot a course for her people independent of the Commonwealth as the Tamar Pact reborn, even as enemies and the unknown lurk around every corner.
Redemption Rites
Redemption Rites, by Jason Schmetzer. Published May 2022. Timeline: 31513152
The famed mercenary unit Wolf's Dragoons react to the events on Terra.
A Question of Survival
A Question of Survival, by Bryan Young. Published July 2022. Timeline: 31513151
ilClan era story with a Jade Falcon raid into the The Rasalhague Dominion.
Elements of Treason: Opportunity
Elements of Treason: Opportunity, by Craig A. Reed, Jr.. Published August 2022. Timeline: 31513151
ilClan era novel following Vedet Brewer as he comes upon a Civil War on the former Lyran planet of Melissia, now within the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.
The Damocles Sanction
The Damocles Sanction, by Michael J. Ciaravella. Published December 2022. Timeline: 31513152
ilClan era novel in which First Prince Julian Davion and Prince’s Champion Erik Sandoval-Groell prepare to reclaim the Federated Suns’ capital, New Avalon, and throw back the Kuritan invaders who hold so many Suns worlds in their clutches. But ambitions grow alongside glory, and the two leaders may find their greatest threat lies not among the Draconis Combine samurai ready to die for the Dragon, but in each other.
Elements of Treason - Honor
Elements of Treason: Honor, by Craig A. Reed, Jr.. Published June 2023. Timeline: 31503152
ilClan era novel following Hell's Horses Star Captain Peter Cobb, a controversial ristar, as he attempts to set a new trail for his clan to blaze.
Kell Hounds Ascendant
Kell Hounds Ascendant, reprint (2023).

Original German-Language BattleTech Books[edit]

The following list only includes original novels, i.e. those that were not translated from English-language novels; see also List of German BattleTech novels for a complete list.

Additional BattleTech books were published in Germany which have not been translated into English to date. It should be noted that their content does not meet the current criteria for canon because they are foreign-language products; they can be considered apocryphal. (Randall N. Bills had actually declared the German books to be fully canonical during his first tenure as Line Developer, but this ruling was later overturned by his successor, Herbert A. Beas II.)


German editions of classic BattleTech novels and most of the Dark Age novels were published by Heyne, a major publishing house in Germany. Many of these German editions have different covers from their American originals, or have swapped them around.
In addition to translating individual American novels and publishing an omnibus reprint of three previously published "MechWarrior" novels, Heyne notably published the first original German novel in 2001 (Phoenix, #52) and a year later a universe almanac (BattleTech – Die Welt des 31. Jahrhunderts).

Although it was not originally part of the BattleTech novel line, the "Virtual Worlds" novel No Limits, which is not a BattleTech novel and thus is not considered canon (nor even apocryphal) for BattleTech, was translated and published in Germany as a BattleTech novel by Heyne as #35: Höhenflug.

#50: MechWarrior (also referred to as the MechWarrior Trilogy in listings). Published 2001.
Omnibus reprint of the MechWarrior novels Väterchen Frost, Triumphgebrüll and Blutsverrat (Ghost of Winter, Roar of Honor and By Blood Betrayed, respectively).
#52: Phoenix, by Peter Heid. Published December 2001. Timeline: 3054
Waiting for an impending Clan attack, mercenaries on Tomans recount stories from two decades earlier and narrate how they defended Amity against an attack by the Lyran Commonwealth.
Die Welt des 31. Jahrhunderts
BattleTech – Die Welt des 31. Jahrhunderts ("The World of the 31st Century"), by Reinhold H. Mai and Christoph Nick. Published December 2002.
A generic introduction to and overview of the BattleTech universe, produced alongside the novel line but not as a part of it.


Fantasy Productions GmbH licensed the complete rights to BattleTech, now rebranded "Classic BattleTech", from WizKids and started a new German novel line in 2004 under the "Classic BattleTech" moniker that included mostly new, original stories (and a reprint of The Sword and the Dagger as #3 and the Warrior trilogy as #7 through #9 otherwise).

Wahnsinn und Methode
#1: Wahnsinn und Methode ("Madness and Method"), by Michael Diel. Published 2004. Timeline: 2598 (with a prologue set in 3067)
First book of the Das Goldene Zeitalter cycle. During a training exercise on Icar in the Rim Worlds Republic, a Royal Black Watch company is caught up in a political intrigue that erupts into battle.
Clangründer: Abkehr
#2: Clangründer: Abkehr ("Clan Founder: Breakaway"), by Randall N. Bills. Published July 2004. Timeline: 2784-2802
First part of the Founding of the Clans trilogy that was written in English, but translated and published in German before being published in English (via BattleCorps). English title: Founding of the Clans: Fall from Glory. The story of Aleksandr Kerensky's Operation Exodus, from the time the SLDF fleet leaves the Inner Sphere through the Prinz Eugen mutiny until their Exodus Civil War sixteen years after setting out.
Über dem Gesetz
#4: Über dem Gesetz ("Above the Law"), by Michael Diel. Published February 2005. Timeline: 2600-2605
Second book of the Das Goldene Zeitalter cycle. An agent thriller set in the Star League era with plot twist revealing that First Lord Ian Cameron was not above abusing the League's secret service for assassinations motivated by personal revenge.
Clangründer: Traum
#5: Clangründer: Traum ("Clan Founder: Dream"), by Randall N. Bills. Published January 2006. Timeline: 2802-2815
Second part of the Founding of the Clans trilogy. English title: Founding of the Clans: Visions of Rebirth (published in 2021 in a revised and expanded edition).
After the refugees from the Second Exodus set up on Strana Mechty, Nicholas Kerensky forges them into a rigid new society centered around a small but elite Warrior caste in an attempt to shed the rivalries that sundered first the Star League. Thus the Clans are created, and the book ends with Nicholas declaring himself ilKhan and announcing their return to the Pentagon worlds to reconquer them.
Die Albatros-Akte
#6: Die Albatros-Akte ("The Albatross File"), by Reinhold H. Mai. Published November 2005. Timeline: 2838
Declared a fictional story within the fictional BattleTech universe, the novel relates the efforts of the eponymous Team Albatros, a quartet of Lyran Intelligence Corps agents, to stop a rogue Archonet. It turns out that said Archonet has a secret weapon causing what is called the "Albatross effect": It can disable BattleMechs by remotely destroying their gyro systems.
Früchte voll Bitterkeit
#10: Früchte voll Bitterkeit ("Fruits (full) of Bitterness"), by Hermann Ritter and Erik Schreiber. Published March 2006. Timeline: 2604-2605
Third book of the Das Goldene Zeitalter cycle. A sect leader sets a clandestine operation in motion to abduct a scion of the ruling Captain-General of the Free Worlds League on Tamarind. A handful of officers uncover the plot and, together with a group of BattleMech enthusiasts and their custom-built Clint, prepare to thwart the attempt.
Katze unter Bären
#11: Katze unter Bären ("Cat among Bears"), by Arous Brocken. Published October 2006. Timeline: 3053-3054
First book of the Bear Cycle. George, a Nova Cat warrior taken as isorla by Clan Ghost Bear, is sent to the Inner Sphere to fight bandits in the truce period following the Battle of Tukayyid.
#12: Clanwächter ("Clan Watcher", apparently referring to operatives in the Clan Watch), by Arous Brocken. Published February 2007. Timeline: 3054
Second book of the Bear Cycle. Now something of a ristar in Clan Ghost Bear, George begins to wonder about the almost suicidal attacks of Inner Sphere opponents against the ostensibly unimportant HPG station on Mannedorf's north pole. His investigations, an uncharacteristic display of initiative for a Warrior, gradually reveal clandestine operations by the Clan Watch that do not sit well with him: It seems the Watch is stirring up the very troubles George and his comrades are fighting and dying to contain.
In Ungnade
#13: In Ungnade ("(Fallen) In Disgrace"), by Chris Hartford. Published April 2007. Timeline: 2571-2617
Fourth book of the Das Goldene Zeitalter cycle. Rhean Marik's tragic struggle as Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. The manuscript was written in English, but remained unpublished until it was translated and published in German. A revised version with some minor changes was later published via BattleCorps under the title Fall from Grace. (Fall from Grace is fully canonical, trumping the earlier German version.)
Mission Kiamba
#14: Mission Kiamba, by Arous Brocken. Published July 2007. Timeline: 3054-3055
Third book of the Bear Cycle. Captured by mercenaries (at the end of the previous book), George fights alongside his captors when they are stranded on the Clan Smoke Jaguar-held world of Kiamba. Their ways are alien and appalling to him, but without the mercenaries he has no chance to leave the world again and so he plays along with their dishonorable scheme to dupe the planet's population into a hopeless and bloody uprising against the Smoke Jaguars that will allow mercenaries prepare their escape in the overall chaos.
En Passant
#15: En Passant, by Michael Diel; subtitled Schattenkrieg I ("Shadow war I"). Published August 2007. Timeline: 2600
Fifth book of the Das Goldene Zeitalter cycle and first part of the (unfinished) Schattenkrieg series. Prince Alexander Davion is assassinated. Secret service head Susan McEvedy takes it personal. She keeps the cause of death secret and starts an increasingly ruthless investigation into the case that escalates into a clandestine cold war with the Draconis Combine. Opposing her is cold and efficient ISF officer Tetsuo Yatomo who is trying to contain the fallout.
Duo Infernale
#16: Duo Infernale, by Carolina Möbis. Published October 2007. Timeline: 3061
Following a sneak attack on their garrison base that only they survived, hot-headed MechWarrior Mad Dog and disciplined Elemental Shin find out that their mercenary unit unwittingly guarded a Star League bunker containing nuclear weapons which Free Skye terrorists have now stolen. Together with an impoverished former ComStar tech and a mysterious rogue the two women set out to thwart the terrorists' plans and retake the bombs.
#17: Karma, by Bernard Craw. Published December 2007. Timeline: 3028
At the onset of the Fourth Succession War, rogue elements of the Duchy of Andurien stage a raid on Niomede, a world of the supposedly allied Capellan Confederation. But their target, a hidden research facility on Niomede, is guarded not only by the understrength local militia lance, but also by Warrior House Kamata.
Royal Flush
#18: Royal Flush, by Carolina Möbis. Published April 2008. Timeline: 2602
Sixth book of the Das Goldene Zeitalter cycle. After a Kurita attack destroys their base on McGehee amidst political upheaval, surviving soldiers of the 27th Avalon Hussars take to guerrilla warfare to prevent the enemy from using the world as a staging area.

FanPro had planned to publish several more novels in their Classic BattleTech line including Wiege der Basilisken and additional books for the Golden Age cycle by Diehl and Möbis, but then ceased production following a disagreement with InMediaRes/Catalyst Game Labs in 2008 over whether or not FanPro still had the rights to publish new German BattleTech novels.


After FanPro's license ran out in 2008, Ulisses Spiele acquired the license to publish the German edition of BattleTech including the novel lines. In 2011 they picked up the "Classic BattleTech" novel line, although it was renamed to simply "BattleTech" once again (with tan background), and also the "MechWarrior: Dark Age" line (with black background). They continued both lines from where FanPro and Heyne had left off, keeping the numbering.

Wiege der Basilisken
#19: Wiege der Basilisken ("Cradle of the Basilisks") by Reinhold H. Mai. Published July 2011. Timeline: 2839
In another story that is declared fictional within the BattleTech universe, the Lyran Commonwealth activates Team Albatros once more, this time to investigate Federated Suns research into supersoldiers on the world Berceuse; however, a Draconis Combine DEST team has also arrived with the same orders.
#20: Andurien-Kriege 1 - Präludium ("Andurien Wars 1 - Prelude"), by Bernard Craw. Published 25 January 2012. Timeline: 3015-3030
After long preparation, the Duchy of Andurien under Dame Catherine Humphreys secedes from the Free Worlds League to vie for independence. Meanwhile Jen Xiao enrolls for Death Commando training and the Ash Witch cult spreads throughout the Capellan Confederation.
#21: Andurien-Kriege 2 - Zorn ("Andurien Wars 2 - Wrath"), by Bernard Craw. Published 11 July 2012. Timeline: 3030
Perceiving the Capellan Confederation to lie in its death throes, the Duchy of Andurien invades but finds much stronger resistance than expected. On Grand Base, the war is fought on many fronts and the offensive by the 6th Defenders of Andurien stalls.
Erster Kontrakt
#22: Erster Kontrakt ("First Contract"), by Arous Brocken. Published 7 March 2013. Timeline: 3056
Fourth part of the Bear Cycle. Stranded below the Tukayyid truce line and alone after his parent unit was effectively wiped out by a nefarious employer, Clan warrior George must adjust to a life as a mercenary in the Inner Sphere. However, against incompetent or arrogant superior officers, even George's expert warrior skills cannot save a poorly led first mission on Cor Caroli from ending in near-disaster.
Sturm auf Arc-Royal
#23: Sturm auf Arc-Royal ("Assault on Arc-Royal"), by Stefan Burban. Published 26 February 2014. Timeline: 3065
Irregular Lyran Alliance forces stage a raid against Arc-Royal, the heart of the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon, hoping for a decapitation strike. The disparate defenders—Kell Hounds mercenaries and elements from Clan Wolf-in-Exile—have a chance to repulse the attack only if they cooperate. But they find it difficult to work with each other.
#24: Waffengefährten ("Brothers-in-Arms"), by Arous Brocken. Published 17 April 2014. Timeline: 3057-3058
Fifth part of the Bear Cycle. Growing his own mercenary unit, the Biting Bears Bashes, George Bear is very successful on the battlefield but hindered by administrative pitfalls as well as his Clan mindset. After some successful missions in the Chaos March, a supposed pirate hunting contract on Saiph gets out of hand and George finds himself involved in a corporate warfare scenario threatening to ruin the entire planet including their employer—and thus by extension, George and his mercenary unit.
#25: Andurien-Kriege 3 - Gier ("Andurien Wars 3 - Greed"), by Bernard Craw. Published 11 June 2014. Timeline: 3029-3031
In the lead-up to the secession of the Duchy of Andurien and their joint assault on the Capellan Confederation together with the Magistracy of Canopus, Dame Humphreys' son Richard Humphreys is sent to the Magistracy to marry the Magestrix's daughter, Emma Centrella, and thus tie the Magistracy to the Duchy in wedlock. Official media will later report the wedding fell through because of a mutual dislike between Emma and Richard, but in truth their story in the brewing war is much more complicated than that.
Riskante Ziele
#26: Riskante Ziele ("Risky Objectives"), by Arous Brocken. Published 11 March 2015. Timeline: 3058-3061
Sixth and final part of the Bear Cycle. Ruled to have broken their contract through their actions on Saiph, George and his Biting Bears Bashes fall on hard times and have to accept bad or even outright illegal contracts. Draconis Combine middle men hire them for an objective raid against the Word of Blake on Mars that succeeds beyond all expectations, but afterwards their employer sets the Biting Bears Bashes up to be killed to cover their tracks and George suddenly finds himself and his unit fighting a guerrilla war for survival on a supposed garrison posting.
#27: Gejagt ("Hunted"), by Daniel Isberner. Published as an ebook in six episodes starting November 2014, and as an omnibus print novel on 13 May 2015. Timeline: 3066-3071
Specialized in infiltration and commando actions, the Silent Reapers mercenary unit are framed by a treacherous employer and subsequently branded as criminals. They go to ground and, while trying to find out what happened and why, start to work for the Word of Blake, the only faction who will still hire them. The eruption of the Jihad and news of the atrocities attributed to the Word of Blake make them wary of their new employer, however; the Silent Reapers find themselves between a rock and a hard place.
Die Kanonen von Thunder Rock
#28: Die Kanonen von Thunder Rock ("The Guns of Thunder Rock"), by Bernd Perplies. Published 19 August 2015. Timeline: 3028
The conquest of Pleione during the Fourth Succession War: The Federated Suns sent the mercenary Screaming Eagles to attack the world in overwhelming numbers, but a small number of Capellan defenders have holed up in an ancient Star League fortification and reactivated its heavy artillery guns, creating a standoff and upsetting the attackers' timetable.
Der Erbe
#29: Der Erbe ("The Heir"), subtitled Adel vernichtet 1 ("Nobility destroys", a play on "Adel verpflichtet" which is the German translation of Noblesse oblige), by Jochen Hahn and Karsten Kaeb. Published 18 November 2015. Timeline: 3053
The world Cammal has been without a duke since the last was killed in the Fourth Succession War. Various parties have since filled the power vacuum. After more than two decades, a law firm tracks down a legitimate heir to assume the throne. But instead of unifying the world it just serves to fan the flames of intrigues and old hatreds. The political situation on Cammal is deliberately destabilized from behind the scenes, with the Youngblood Renegades mercenaries in the middle of it all.
Kalkuliertes Chaos
#30: Kalkuliertes Chaos ("Calculated Chaos"), by Jochen Hahn and Karsten Kaeb. Published 27 January 2016. Timeline: 3053
Second part of the Adel vernichtet duology. With the bulk of their unit deployed abroad, the Youngblood Renegades mercenaries struggle to maintain control as civil unrest grows on Cammal and explodes into combat among various factions, with loyalties torn between different camps.
Im Schatten der Bestie
#31: Im Schatten der Bestie ("In the Shadow of the Beast"), by Ingo Eikens. Published 20 April 2016. Timeline: 2766-2777
Caught up in the Amaris coup, Major Gerald McKenniston, formerly of the SLDF and now an instructor for Amaris troops on Terra, faces hard decisions as General Kerensky's forces tighten their grip on the remnant of the Amaris Empire, drawing ever nearer to Terra.
Soldat und Spion
#32: Soldat und Spion ("Soldier and Spy", subtitled as the first part of the Griskan Orlov cycle), by Arous Brocken. Published 03 August 2016. Timeline: 3061-3062
Accused of having tried to kill a Wolf's Dragoons officer on Outreach, Griskan Orlov tries to prove his innocence and uncovers a conspiracy within the Dragoons. He goes undercover to investigate Blackwell Industries and runs afoul of one of Harlech's most powerful underworld kingpins.
Blutige Jagd
#33: Blutige Jagd ("Bloody Hunt"), by Stefan Burban. Published 12 October 2016. Timeline: 3067
Sequel to Sturm auf Arc-Royal: After the final battle on Tharkad that concluded the FedCom Civil War, and following the ill-fated attack by irregular forces on Arc-Royal in which he was deeply involved, Hans Grüner escapes Tharkad City to set up his own periphery realm. But the Kell Hounds and Clan Wolf-in-Exile are on his trail to bring him to justice.
Sklave und Söldner
#34: Sklave und Söldner ("Slave and Mercenary", subtitled as the second part of the Griskan Orlov cycle), by Arous Brocken. Published 20 April 2017. Timeline: 3064-3066
A desperate MechWarrior finds employment with mercenary units working for the Word of Blake.
Verräter und Verteidiger
#35: Verräter und Verteidiger ("Traitor and Defender", subtitled as the third part of the Griskan Orlov cycle), by Arous Brocken. Published 02 May 2018. Timeline: 3067
Griskan Orlov winds up in the sneak attack against Wolf's Dragoons on Outreach.


Berserkerbanden ("Berserker Gangs") by Lars Jirmann. Published in October 2005.
The exploits of a very top-heavy mercenary unit with cutting-edge equipment and elite personnel, some of them of Clan origin.
An unauthorized and entirely noncanonical print publication that was quickly pulled from the market; amounts to mere fan fiction.


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