Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Carrack
In service until May 2788


The Liverpool was a Carrack-class corvette WarShip in service with the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns during the First Succession War. In May 2788, the Liverpool and a Vincent-class corvette, the FSS Robespierre, were assigned as escorts to the Twenty-eighth Avalon Hussars and supporting conventional forces drawn from the Marlette Combat region for an assault on Schedar. Schedar had been captured by the Draconis Combine in a massive invasion that had begun in May 2787, and the attack on Schedar was one of three major strikes launched by First Prince John Davion on the Terran flank of the DCMS advance in an effort to disrupt the invasion, particularly the front being commanded personally by Coordinator Minoru Kurita.[1][2]

The strike - part of Operation SOLAR SHIELD - was a disaster. The DCMS forces were well-prepared, dug in, and able to call on WarShip support, while Prince John's three major strikes including the attack on Schedar were being conducted by forces that had had no time to train together and could call on only small WarShip escorts. Waiting for the Hussars were three WarShips, the Lola I-class destroyers DCS Minekaze and DCS Shiokaze and the Vincent-class corvette DCS Kaiten; while the Liverpool and Robespierre attempted to shield the transports, the Kaiten tied up the Robespierre. The Minekaze and Shiokaze ignored both of the AFFS WarShips, and whilst aerospace fighters swiftly destroyed the Liverpool, the two Lolas picked off the Hussars transport ships one at a time. With both the Liverpool and Robespierre destroyed, only two companies of Hussars made it to the surface of Schedar. SOLAR SHIELD proved to be an expensive and demoralizing defeat for the AFFS, costing it ships, men and resources it couldn't afford to lose.[1][2]


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