Lockheed-CBM Corporation

Lockheed-CBM Corporation
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Previous Name(s) Lockheed Corporation
CBM Aerospace
Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Site(s) Donegal
Primary Products Aerospace Fighters
Conventional Aircraft
Small Craft

Lockheed-CBM Corporation is the largest manufacturer of AeroSpace Fighters in the Lyran Commonwealth/Lyran Alliance.

Corporation History[edit]


Originally two separate companies, the Lockheed Corporation of Gibbs and CBM AeroSpace of Donegal, the pair established an alliance in 2487 to build the original Thunderbird for the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and eventually combined forces. The corporation has been compared to Defiance Industries in sheer production of aerospace, conventional and other types of airborne craft.[1]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

The Corporation suffered from scandal in mid-3020s, where Steiner government charged the corporation's board members with corruption. Leading number of its members imprisonment including its then-CEO Duke Alan Day. In the aftermath, the minor board member Rachael Haranshire was promoted to CEO of the company. Where she then put number of reforms that swept away elminated numerous forms of corruption that had been missed by the Steiner courts.[1]

Grateful for these acts, then Archon Katrina Steiner, rewarded Haranshire with former Duke Day's title and duchy.[2]


Lockheed-CBM's Tharkad plant was seriously damaged during the Blakist assault on that planet. All three production lines were seriously damaged when the Word forces were kicked off Tharkad. In 3077 it wasn't clear if the Hellcat and Lightning production lines would be repaired or if production of those models would cease to make way for a new design,[3] and by 3079 the plant was still only operating at 35% having taken substantial damage.[4] The Lockheed-CBM plant on Donegal was also a casualty of the Jihad, with the their military production destroyed in a Blakist nuclear raid, and as at 3081 there was still no sign of the factory being rebuilt.[5] in contrast with the damage inflicted on the Lockheed-CBM operations on Donegal and Tharkad the Furillo plant didn't suffer any damage in the Jihad, with Furillo itself escaping any Blakist attacks. Production still dropped, however - but only because the company's customers were unable to accept or provide shipments due to the disruption of the Jihad.[6] The Gibbs plant also escaped damage, and was operating at full capacity during the closing years of the Jihad.[4]


The company's CEO in 3025 was Alan Day.[1]

In 3067 the company's CEO is Duke Maximillian Haranshire.[2]


Lockheed-CBM Corporation has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Donegal:[7][8][9][10][11]
Component Type
AeroSpace Fighter
CNT-1D Centurion[7] Light Aerospace Fighters
SB-27 Sabre[1][7][8] Light Aerospace Fighters
LCF-R15 Lucifer[1][9] Medium Aerospace Fighters
LCF-R16 Lucifer[7] Medium Aerospace Fighters
LCF-R20 Lucifer[9] Medium Aerospace Fighters
TFN-2A Typhoon[10] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
TFN-3A Typhoon[11] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
EST-O Eisensturm[citation needed] OmniFighter
Lockheed-CBM 100 Sabre[7]
Lockheed-CBM 120 Centurion[7]
Lockheed-CBM 200 Lucifer R16[7] & Lucifer R15[9]
CBM T02-A Typhoon 2A[10]
CBM T03-A Typhoon 3A[11]
Inazuma SI-32 Sabre[8]
Fusion Engine
Nissan 225 Sabre[8]
PlasmaStar 270 Typhoon 2A[10] & Typhoon 3A[11]
WAS 195 Lucifer R15[9]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Lexington Lite Standard Typhoon 2A[10] & Typhoon 3A[11]
Nimakachi Type 3 Sabre[8]
StarScale Type IV Lucifer R15[9]
Communications System
BipStar 49-G Sabre[8]
CBM COMSET 3 Typhoon 2A[10] & Typhoon 3A[11]
Lockheed-CBM COMSET 86b Sabre & Centurion[7]
Lockheed-CBM COMSET 100 Lucifer R16[7] & Lucifer R15[9]
Lockheed Matrix-V [citation needed]
Rander 250 [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
CBM TRAK-2 Typhoon 2A[10] & Typhoon 3A[11]
Ki-II TTS Sabre[8]
Lockheed-CBM TarSet 55 Lucifer R15[9]
Rander TA2 Sabre & Centurion[7]
Rander TA7 [citation needed]
Rander TA800 w/Artemis FCS Lucifer[7]
Defiance 6000 Typhoon 2A[10] & Typhoon 3A[11]
Defiance Blaster Type F Typhoon 3A[11]
Small Laser
Maxell Lucifer R15[9]
Medium Laser
Maxell Lucifer R15[9]
Large Laser
Rassal Emerald Series Typhoon 2A[10]
Maxell Lucifer R15[9]
Screamer Typhoon 2A[10] & Typhoon 3A[11]
Holly Lucifer R15[9]


Components produced on Furillo:[12][13][14][15][16]
Component Type
Warrior H-7[12][13][14] VTOLs
Warrior H-8[15] VTOLs
Lexan Surveillance Helo[16][17] VTOLs
Omni 70 Warrior H-7[12][13][14]
Fusion Engine
Omni Generation Five Fusion Lexan[16]
Lockheed 70 Micro-Fusion Warrior H-8[15]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Longanecker E-Series Lexan[16]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Kallon Unity Weave Warrior H-8[15]
Longanecker Plasti Steel Warrior H-7[12][13][14]
Communications System
Xilex 12 Wirelessw/Guardian ECM Lexan[16]
Xilex-2000 Warrior H-7[12][13][14]
Xilex-2010 Warrior H-8[15]
Targeting-Tracking System
N&D Handsfree Warrior H-7[13][14] & Warrior H-8[15]
SarLon Warrior H-7[12][13][14]
Small Laser
Defiance B3S Lexan[16]
LongFire V Warrior H-8[15]
Streak SRM-2
Hovertec Warrior H-8[15]
TharHes 4 Warrior H-7[13][14]


Components produced on Gibbs:[18][19]
Component Type
Unspecified civilian aircraft[2]
AeroSpace Fighter
EGL-R6 Eagle[7][19] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
THB-D36 Thunderbird[7][1][18][19] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
Typhoon[19] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
Conventional Aircraft
Kaiseradler strike fighter[19] Conventional Fighter
AB-18C Roubvogel[20] Conventional Fighter (not in production in 3079)[19]
Steinadler strike fighter[19] Conventional Fighter
Zugvogel[21] Conventional Fighter (not in production in 3079)[19]
Interplanetary Drive - Small Craft
Entech 200c [citation needed]
Pitban 300a [citation needed]
Lockheed CBM 225 Eagle[7]
Lockheed CBM 300 TRB Thunderbird[7][18]
Fusion Engine
Vlar 300 Thunderbird[18]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
L/CBM AeroSteel Thunderbird[18]
Communications System
Neil 6000-a Thunderbird[18]
Targeting-Tracking System
N&D Longreach Thunderbird[18]


Note: These production lines were seriously damaged during the Jihad. The Eisensturm returned to production, but as of 3077 the fate of the Hellcat and Lightning production lines wasn't clear.[3] As of 3085 it appears that Lockheed/CBM will shut down the Hellcat and Lightning lines to focus on Morgenstern production.[22]

Components produced on Tharkad:[23][24][25]
Component Type
AeroSpace Fighter
HEC-12C Hellcat[23] Medium Aerospace Fighters
LTN-G15 Lightning[1][23] Medium Aerospace Fighters
RPR-300S Rapier[24] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
STM-O Sternensturm[25] Light OmniFighter
MR-1S Morgenstern[22] Medium OmniFighter
EST-O Eisensturm Heavy OmniFighters
Lockheed/CBM 320 Sternensturm[25]
Interstar 290M Rapier[24]
Lockheed CBM-150 Lightning[23]
Lockheed CBM-180 Hellcat[23]
Lockheed CBM-300 Morgenstern[22]
Fusion Engine - XL
Pitban 320 XL Sternensturm[25]
VOX 340 XL Rapier[24]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
Donegal Sturdy-Sheath Heavy Ferro-Aluminum Rapier[24]
Donegal Omni-Sheath Heavy Ferro-Aluminum Sternensturm[25]
Communications System
COMHRT II.Q Rapier[24]
Lockheed/CBM COMSET 300 Sternensturm[25]
Lockheed COMSET300 Morgenstern[22]
Targeting-Tracking System
Bauer-Scope 130Z Rapier[24]
Lockheed/CBM TarSet 75 Morgenstern[22] & Sternensturm[25]


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