Loga Kurita

Loga Kurita
(see Notes)
AffiliationHouse Davion-Kurita
ParentsDrago Kurita (father)[1]
SiblingsJoseph Kurita[1]
Johnna Kurita[1]
Tu Kurita[1]


Loga Kurita was the last child of Drago Kurita.

His father was the ambassador of the Draconis Combine to the Star League. He had been keeping informed Coordinator Takiro Kurita on the recent events, and when the Amaris Coup started, he and his family were still on Terra. They were put under the "protective custody" of Stefan Amaris and used as a bargaining tool to keep the Draconis Combine out of the war in any level.[3]

Only after Alexander Kerensky and the Regular Army had reclaimed Terra did the public understand why the Coordinator had behaved so strangely. Despite Minoru's cooperation with Stefan Amaris, the Regular Army found Drago Kurita and his family dead in their rooms, apparently murdered by Amaris in the chaos just before the fall of Terra in 2779.[3]



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