Logan Moon

Logan Moon
AffiliationClan Smoke Jaguar
Clan Wolf-in-Exile
RankStar Colonel


Logan Moon was a Star Captain of the Command Trinary of the 19th Striker Cluster before winning promotion in 3058, when he was assigned as Star Colonel and commanding officer of the 6th Jaguar Dragoons in 3059. Though he was a staunch member of Clan Smoke Jaguar, Moon was a relatively pragmatic man who was not as blindly aggressive as his fellow Clan warriors. [1]

Immediately prior to Operation Bulldog, the Sixth Jaguar Dragoons were stationed on Labrea preparing for a campaign against the Draconis Combine, awaiting word that Khan Lincoln Osis would soon declare a new invasion of the Inner Sphere. Upon learning of Bulldog's first wave, the Sixth's CO Logan Moon sent a request to Khan Osis for both reinforcements and permission to wage a defensive campaign while awaiting them, Lincoln Osis refused to allow his prestige unit to engage in such Spheroid combat lest it damage his image.[1]

Thus when Exiled Wolves forces, the 4th Wolf Guards, the 1st Wolf Legion and the 1st Wolf Strike Grenadiers landed Moon openly led the Sixth Dragoons out to meet them. Having assumed the Jaguars would engage in a more brutal and defensive campaign, Khan Phelan Kell declared a formal Trial of Possession in the zellbrigen style for the 6th Jaguar Dragoons as a means of allowing Moon to save their honor rather than foolishly sacrifice their lives for Khan Osis's benefit.[1]

In a simple three-on-three Trial in Colodney Valley, Phelan Kell pushed his Executioner A's heat limit early to quickly damage Moon's heavier Dire Wolf A before relying on distance and maneuvering to defeat him. [2] Ranna Kerensky however relied on superior targeting in her Warhawk C to defeat Wimmer's Turkina B at range, while Ragnar favored the reverse, immediately closing his Ice Ferret D with Showers' longer ranged Shadow Cat A where he had the advantage.[1]

The entire 6th Jaguar Dragoons were taken isorla only for Phelan Kell to declare them abtakha before even leaving Labrea. The Sixth Jaguar Dragoons were renamed to the 6th Wolf Guards with Logan Moon still in command of the unit.[3] [1] [4]


Logan Moon piloted a Dire Wolf variant A.[5]


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