Lon Volker

Lon Volker
Born c.a. 3038
Affiliation Storm Riders
Ryan's Rebels

Lon Volker was a Kore native, Storm Rider mercenary MechWarrior, and Pirate.

Physical description[edit]

Volker, of Germanic heritage, was described as tall, broadly built, heavily muscled, and dark blond hair.


Volker was born on Kore, at a unknown date, but around 3038, as it was only a year older than Sturm Kintaro. His father was killed during the Clan Invasion, and after Kore was liberated, he was one of the first Kore natives recruited into the Storm Riders and the first to become a MechWarrior. Volker was a womanizer, using his charms to seduce several local girls, including Laura Metz. When Susie Morgraine-Ryan Pirates attacked Kore, he tried to escape, with Kintaro, but his Panther was too slow, and was hit from behind, and fell. Unable to fight, Volker surrendered, And was taken prisoner. After confronting Susie for the first time, he identified her immediately, and made all the possible to appear useful to her.[1] Volker saw Susie again when she ordered him to go to his room, a week later. She interrogated him about Sturm, but Volker didn't speak too well about the young boy. Willing to prove himself useful, even offered himself to hunt the mysterious "Winter ghost" who was hunting the pirates. Susie started kissing Volker, sleeping with him.[2] When the "Ghost", who was Sturm, attacked the pirate base, Volker saved Master Sergeant Aaron Krenner and Laura Metz killing a pirate, before joining the evasion. Once in "Shangri-La", the Clan Steel Viper cache on the mountains, Volker attempted to take the command of the new formed unit, pointing he was senior to Sturm, but Krenner refused, keeping Volker as second in the lance.[3] Volker helped Kintaro to train their new MechWarriors, including Laura, but made comments about the pirate's superiority, weakening their morale. When Sturm left the base in secret to rescue his father from the pirate's base, Volker tried to convince Krenner to surrender to Susie, but when he refused, Volker shot Krenner in the back, killing him.[4] When Susie Ryan's forces located Shangri-La, thanks to a transmission from Volker, he kept the lance of Riders on open ground, trapping him in a valley, and even shoot Rachel's 'Mech, the next biggest in the lance, damaging it. Only then did Volker admit he had joined the pirates and drawn them there. Susie and Volker expected the remaining Riders to surrender, but the Riders resisted. Volker trapped Laura in a corner, but then, Sturm, who had been captured by the pirates but later escaped, joined the fight with his 'Mech. Volker informed Sturm about his killing of Krenner, enraging him and exposing it to an attack to the rear from Susie. However, all Volker's efforts failed: Sturm, with his father's help, located a magma pocket on the mountains, and shot it with his weapons along with Laura. The magma flow, burning badly Volker's damaged BattleMech, which barely managed to fall outside the magma, and heavily damaging Susie's Mad Cat. Now under-gunned, she agreed to cease the fight.[5] Volker survived, but was badly burned. Susie asked Sturm to let her take Volker, and the Lancer agreed, putting him in a life support capsule and leaving Kore with him. It remains unknown if Volker survived the trip to Star's End, but Susie Ryan planned to do all that was possible to ensure that: she wanted to turning him into a living weapon she planned to use to make Kintaro and his people pay for her defeat.[6]

His body reconstructed with crude cybernetics. After joining the New Belt Pirates, Lon Volker led a pirate strike team to ambush the Storm Riders, seizing Golden Boy, Sturm's Goshawk for his own.

When the Word of Blake established relations with the New Belt Pirates in 3064, Volker defected to the Manei Domini and received significant upgrades to his body. He was recorded battling the Solaris Home Defense League and executing many of its captured champions in staged arena duels during the Jihad. His death was never confirmed, but Golden Boy was recovered from the ruins of Steiner Stadium after the liberation of Solaris VII.[7]

Personality and traits[edit]

Volker, despite being only a year older than Kintaro, always acted as if he was a veteran, and treated Sturm as his was his younger brother. Without any family, his goals were to left Kore behind, making no secret of his ambitions. Considering himself a survivor above all, left behind and his little loyalty to the Lancers, without showing any restraint in trying to demoralize their fellow lancers, without hesitating to kill.


The first 'Mech of Volker was an old Panther, which replaced with the second heaviest 'Mech of Shangri-La, a Hellhound.[8]

After the raid he captured Golden Boy, Sturm's Goshawk for his own and kept it until his alleged death.[7]


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