Longanecker PlastiSteel

Longanecker PlastiSteel
Longanecker PlastiSteel.jpg
Corporation Profile
Founding Year2899[1]
AffiliationLyran Commonwealth
HeadquartersHofuf (Pherkad)[2]
Product(s)Synthetic materials
Manufacturing Plant(s)Yarrowdale (Crevedia)[2]

Longanecker PlastiSteel was a producer of synthetic materials within the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


Longanecker PlastiSteel was formed in 2899, when Longanecker Plastics and Simpson's Synthetics merged. Since then, the company has continued production of a variety of synthetic materials that are both strong and lightweight. Many of their products are used in the creation of military-grade armor for BattleMechs and other vehicles.[1]

In 3025, the company's president, Edward Hanlin, was debating whether to open a new facility on the nearby world of Vaj II (Crevedia).[1] By 3067, the plant was operational and the company was looking to open another on Hillerod.[2]


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