Longbow (Bow)

This article is about the infantry weapon. For the BattleMech and other uses, see Longbow and Longbow (disambiguation).


The Longbow is a bow of Welsh and English descent first used during the medieval period on Terra. Consisting of a single stave, the Longbow is generally the height of the archer and fires an arrow half as long over great distances. While traditionally made from yew, modern Longbows are often constructed with light-weight plastics and polymers. Like other bows in the thirty-first century, it is largely used for sport or ceremonial purposes.[1]



  • Item: Longbow
  • Equipment Rating: A/B-B-B/A
  • Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 2B/2
  • Range: 10/30/80/175 meters
  • Shots: 1
  • Cost/Reload: 20/2
  • Affiliation: -
  • Mass/Reload: 1.5kg/70g
  • Notes: Simple Action to Reload



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