Longinus BA LTMEG.png
Production information
Manufacturer Corean Enterprises

Irian Technologies

Kali-Yama Weapons Industries[1]

Production Year 3057[2]
Use Line Unit
Weight Class Medium
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 425,000 C-bills
Introduced 3057
Technical specifications
Mass 1,000 kg
Top Speed 10 km/h
Armor Type Advanced Armor
BV (1.0) Small laser = 40;
Flamer = 36;
Machine gun = 34;
"David" light Gauss rifle = 37
BV (2.0) Small laser = 47;[3]
Flamer = 41;[4]
Machine gun = 41;[5]
"David" light Gauss rifle = 44[6]


The Longinus was the Free Worlds League's attempt to duplicate Elemental battle armor. Though they were unable to match the original Clan-tech machine, the Longinus came the closest of any Inner Sphere attempt at the time, thanks in part to the help of the Word of Blake. Initial development of the suit began in October 3054; however, due to the advanced nature of the Longinus' construction and bureaucratic wrangling between the League and its Blakist allies, the process of reaching prototype stage took much longer than the comparable Inner Sphere Standard. In April 3056, the first suits were ready for testing; unfortunately, their debut was a disaster. During live-fire exercises the armor composite protecting the suits shattered and the suits' power systems would fail at random without warning. It was eventually discovered that a hidden ComStar sympathizer was the cause for many of these problems. Following their elimination from the development team, the suit underwent a series of redesigns and a new series of prototypes were produced in early 3057.[1][7][8]

The Free Worlds League Military however was still not satisfied with these early models. While it could leap through the air via jump jets like the Elemental, the Longinus did not also carry the backpack SRM launcher; other Inner Sphere design teams which had attempted to match these two capabilities found their suits too ungainly to control on the ground or in the air. At the insistence of the military, the Longinus development team spent the next eight months trying to solve the issue before coming up with the solution. The suit would have both jump jets and the SRM launcher, but the former could only be used once the latter had been expended and jettisoned.[1][7][8]

By this point, though, the project had gone way over budget and the LCCC was wary of providing any further resources. Only when Captain-General Thomas Marik personally authorized additional funds to cover the expenses – and when IBMU agreed to defray some of their expenses in exchange for Blakist technology – did mass production of the Longinus begin in December 3057. These first suits were ready in time to participate in Operation BULLDOG, where they proved themselves in combat against Elementals. Corean Enterprises and Kali-Yama later picked up production of the Longinus as well, making the suit a common sight within the FWLM; even garrison forces were given a squad or two of Longinus suits, while some elite units had multiple companies of the battle armor.[1]

Despite the assistance they provide in the battle armor's development, Captain-General Marik was unwilling to supply the Longinus to the Blakists for their planned invasion of Terra. Afterwards, though, Marik's stance softened and significant numbers of these suits began appearing in the Word of Blake Militia.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Longinus came closest to mimicking the capabilities of the Elemental suit that inspired it, and was thus considered one of the best ever built by the Inner Sphere at the time. The suit's right arm ended in a modular weapon mount which could carry the standard small laser, flamer, or machine gun; in 3063 it could also accommodate a "David" light Gauss rifle. Its left arm ended in a battle claw and featured an anti-personnel weapon mount which could carry a light weapon for use against unarmored infantry, such as a submachine gun.[1][7][8]

Most importantly the suit featured an integral SRM-2 launcher carried on a special detachable mounting. Safety mechanisms prevented the Longinus from engaging its jump jets while the launcher was still attached, but once jettisoned it could make leaps of up to 90 meters at a time. Jettisoning the launcher was also required in order for the battle armor to make anti-'Mech attacks. Finally, the launcher carried only a single round of missiles due to the additional safety mechanisms taking up space.[1][7][8]

The Longinus was also revolutionary for carrying an advanced armor composite, which almost perfectly matched the Clans' composite on their suits. The 360 kg of plating covering the Longinus was enough to withstand a full blast from a large laser and keep the trooper wearing it alive. It was also responsible for the tremendous price increase of the suit as new manufacturing processes were required to supply enough of this material.[1][7][8]


  • Magnetic 
    This Jihad version introduced in 3069 replaced the detachable SRM pack and modular weapons mount with magnetic clamps, one standard machine gun, and one heavy machine gun, for increased anti-infantry firepower and the ability to be carried by non-OmniMechs.[9] BV (2.0) = 47[10]
  • Longinus "Hacked" 
    This experimental refit of the Longinus was built in 3079 by Mark "Chiphead" Japalucci, a Tech in the Principality of Regulus, working in conjunction with Apple Computers Interstellar to help rebuild the Regulan military using salvaged technology. Taking a standard Longinus suit, reducing its jumping ability to sixty meters, shedding 120 kg of armor, and limiting the weapons payload capability, "Chiphead" was able to install an experimental battle armor C3i system captured from the Word of Blake. The Hacked models could carry either a light machine gun or a "David" light gauss rifle in their right-arm modular weapon mounts, and still carried the AP weapon mount and battle claw in the left. Though effective in extending a sensor network and providing targeting data, the tradeoff in weapons, armor, and mobility was too great, and the Principality shelved the project.[11] MG BV (2.0) = 26[12] David light Gauss Rifle BV (2.0) = 28[13]
  • Longinus C 
    Built by the Wolf Empire, this suit was used extensively by second-line commands as it lacked HarJel. It did carry an Advanced SRM 4, however, giving it significant firepower.[14]



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