Lord Death

Lord Death
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Aegis


In 3061 the Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSR Lord Death was a WarShip in service with the Clan Snow Raven touman. The Lord Death was one of five WarShips that made up the Snow Raven Fleet Command Star at this point in time.[1] The Lord Death continued to serve in the Fleet Command Star until at least 3067, operating alongside a sister ship, the CSR Blue Quest, as well as the Nightlord-class battleship CSR Snow Raven, the Volga-class transport CSR Scavenger, the Potemkin-class CSR Wild Swan.[2]

On the 20th of September 3070 Clan Steel Viper introduced the Clans in the Homeworlds to their new flagship, the Leviathan Prime-class battleship CSV Perigard Zalman. The Steel Vipers did so by striking at the Clan Diamond Shark Black Diamond Naval Star above Strana Mechty; the Perigard Zalman quickly destroyed the Carrack-class transport CDS Bloodletter and the Lola III-class destroyer CDS Predator in the first pass alone, and as the Diamond Shark civilian vessels frantically jumped out of the Strana Mechty system the Perigard Zalman continued its attack, destroying two more Diamond Shark WarShips before the last Diamond Shark WarShip, the Fredasa-class corvette CDS Swift Strike, managed to jump out of the system.[3]

Warned by the Diamond Sharks about the existence of the Perigard Zalman, the Snow Ravens gathered the bulk of their remaining Homeworld naval assets at Lum, where they were gathering a huge convoy of vessels together, destined for the Snow Raven holdings in the Outworlds Alliance. The Snow Ravens gathered together the remains of both the Brim Naval Assault Star and the Circe Battle Star, stripping the convoy of its escort vessels. Included in this impromptu naval flotilla was the Lord Death.[4]

The Steel Vipers gathered together the remainder of their Naval Reserve and struck at Lum within days of their assault on the Diamond Sharks; when saKhan Hoskins of the Steel Vipers declared his batchall for the entire system, the Ravens declared all they had to defend. The resulting battle pitched three naval stars on each side against each other, making the naval engagement far larger than that at Lum in 3069. While the Snow Raven fleet was by far the more experienced, their level of skill was counterbalanced by the sheer firepower brought to the battle by the Perigard Zalman and her escorts. The battle lasted for seven hours before the last four surviving Snow Raven WarShips - the Fredasa-class corvette CSR Black Beard, the Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSR Black Justice, the Lord Death and the Carrack-class transport CSR Venture Star - forfeited the Trial by jumping out of the system, leaving Lum a Steel Viper holding.[4]

By the time the surviving Snow Raven vessels jumped out of the system, the Potemkin-class cruisers CSR Rook and CSR Snowflake and the Lola III-class CSR Vision of Terra had effectively been destroyed, although a covert Watch team from the Diamond Sharks would salvage the Snowflake several years later with assistance from the Snow Ravens. The Steel Vipers immediately landed ground forces on Lum, but faced little organized resistance and discovered that the Snow Ravens had been in the midst of a mass evacuation of their holdings, with large quantities of supplies and materiel partially loaded onto DropShips at the two main DropPorts. The Steel Vipers gleefully seized the former Snow Raven resources, preparing to absorb the lower castes left behind as the Steel Viper WarShips began repairs in orbit.[4]

The Snow Ravens were not done with Lum or the Perigard Zalman, however. Five days after the naval battle in the system, all four Snow Raven ships that had fled the battle returned to the system, launching a ferocious attack against the Perigard Zalman without bothering with a batchall; the Snow Raven vessels simply closed into range and opened up on the Steel Viper WarShips, with Steel Viper technical and laborer personnel continuing to work on repairs to the Perigard Zalman up until seconds before the first Raven blows hit the Leviathan Prime.[4]

For all of the ferocity displayed by the Ravens, they were unable to destroy the Perigard Zalman. The four-ship squadron managed a number of successes - the Vincent-class corvette CSV Coiled Serpent was destroyed, along with three quarters of the Steel Viper AeroSpace Fighters in the system and almost all the Steel Viper's DropShips. However, three of the four Snow Raven WarShips were destroyed - the Perigard Zalman destroyed the Black Beard and the Venture Star, while the Black Justice broke apart against the atmosphere of Lum after a failed ramming attack on the Steel Viper flagship. Only the Lord Death survived to escape the system, and did so with a heavily damaged main drive and while leaking atmosphere. The Snow Ravens had exacted a heavy price on the Steel Vipers, and while the last of the Snow Raven forces to escape the Homeworlds did so rapidly after the defeat at Lum, the lack of response from the usually-bellicose Steel Vipers indicated as to the amount of repairs needed following the last battle in the system.[4]

Of the fifty Snow Raven JumpShips that had originally been intended to be a part of this last large convoy out of the Homeworlds, only twenty-two survived to make it to Quatre Belle in the Outworlds Alliance, escorted by an ad hoc star of damaged vessels including the Lord Death, the York-class destroyer CSR Corvidae, the Whirlwind-class destroyers CSR Drake and CSR William Adams, Congress-class frigate CSR Magpie and Vincent-class corvette CSR Munnin. The Snow Ravens would subsequently blame the losses taken and damage suffered on bandits when talking to their new allies in the Outworlds Alliance.[5]

By 3079, having survived both the Wars of Reaving and the Jihad, the Lord Death was serving in the Conqueror Naval Star alongside the Conqueror-class carrier CSR Conqueror, the Cameron-class battlecruiser CSR Kerensky's Hope, the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser CSR Storm Crow, Thera-class carrier CSR Raven's Nest and the William Adams.[6]

In 3145 the Conqueror Naval Star was reactivated by Clan Snow Raven, and the Lord Death was once again on active service; the makeup of the Star was largely unchanged from that of sixty years before, except for the departure of the William Adams, which had been reassigned to the Alliance Naval Star.[7] At this point the Conqueror Naval Star was operating from Kirbyville as part of Beta Galaxy.[8]


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