Loren Jaffray

Loren Jaffray
Loren Jaffray
AffiliationHouse Jaffray
ChildrenYes, but unnamed

Loren Jaffray was born in the Capellan Confederation. The grandson of a Northwind Highlanders member who remained loyal to the Confederation after the reclamation of Northwind, when the Highlanders abandoned their mercenary contract with the Confederation and took employ with the Federated Suns instead,[2] Loren Jaffray became one of the Confederation's elite Death Commandos,[3] but eventually joined the Highlanders.[4]


Family history[edit]

Loren Jaffray descended from a family with a long military tradition, the Clan Jaffray. His grandfather, Corwin Jaffray, served with distinction in McCormack's Fusiliers, and did not want to break with the Capellan Confederation[2] when the Highlanders returned to their ancestral homeworld Northwind after joining with the Federated Suns in 3028, during the Fourth Succession War.[5] After the war, Loren Jaffray's father served Chancellor Romano Liao as a Death Commando.[6]

Early career[edit]

Loren Jaffray was a major in the elite Death Commandos. He was loyal as all Death Commandos are to the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation, who at the time was Sun-Tzu Liao. Most of his activities during time period would be classified as state secrets.

Mission to Northwind[edit]

In late 3057, Jaffray participated in a field exercise, rescuing a hostage, defeating a far superior enemy using unusual tactics. The exercise was seen by Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao which had chosen him for a very important mission. he ordered Loren to go to Northwind "privately and on vacation" to deliver a message—House Liao would offer support for an independent Northwind and free the Highlanders from Prince Victor Steiner-Davion.[7] Jaffray's real mission was to remove Northwind from the Federated Commonwealth, and neutralize the Highlander regiments or otherwise deprive the Federated Commonwealth of their service by any means. Death Commandos would be waiting for his signal at a hidden point in the system during his mission to Northwind.[8] He was expected to sacrifice his life or honor to accomplish the mission.[9]

William MacLeod trusted him, while Major Chastity Mulvaney hated and despised him. In the brief conflict for independence on Northwind, the Battle of Northwind (3057), Jaffray became a central figure. After delivering his message to the Northwind Highlanders of MacLeod's Regiment, they voted to recall the Assembly of Warriors for a Warrior’s Cabal[10] so that the full assembly could vote on Jaffray’s proposal. That in turn caused a division in the ranks of the Highlanders. A trial of honor ensued and the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth got involved as well as a group of the Consul Guards and the Third Royal Guards, eventually including the First NAIS Cadet Cadre,[11] came to blows, clashing with Mulvaney. However, Jaffray soon felt himself more near with the Highlanders than with the Confederation. The battle continued until Jaffray helped to win the conflict. In helping MacLeod's forces win, Jaffray realized that he was in a no-win scenario and sacrificed his honor to achieve a partial success—he accomplished the goal of taking Northwind out of the Federated Commonwealth, also severing the relationship between the Highlanders and Prince Victor Steiner-Davion in the process;[12] he was then offered the opportunity to join the Highlanders.[4]

Although this could be construed as treason from a Death Commando, Chancellor Sun-Tzu had expected this outcome. Jaffray's fellow Death Commandos expected to be ordered to track him down and execute him, but Sun-Tzu ordered them to leave him alone as he still considered the mission a success. Jaffray was congratulated by his success by Andrea Stirling, which incorporated him to his regiment, Stirling's Fusiliers.[13]

Stirling's Fusiliers[edit]

Jaffray was appointed to serve as Colonel "Cat" Stirling's executive officer. He began training the Fusiliers by first revamping the training setup. He emphasized all areas of training, including hand-to-hand combat, demolitions and survival techniques.[14] He wanted them to be well-trained to fight the Clans. However, that didn't happen without problems: his subordinates, Majors Cullen Craig and Kurt Blakadar openly opposed him. Eight months into this training, the Highlanders received a visit from Omiko Kurita, who brought a contract offer to fight Clan Smoke Jaguar on Wayside V.[15]

Before departing, Jaffray ordered most of the Fusiliers to field energy weaponry and incorporate as many Jump Jets-equipped 'Mechs as possible. That created new friction, but Stirling openly approved him measures, which made Jaffray's officers to obey him. The Battle of Wayside (3058) began badly, when the Highlanders, already in system, uncovered the presence of all Tau Galaxy (Clan Smoke Jaguar) on planet, along with the WarShip Dark Claw on system. But, with their retreat cut off, they had to descend. Upon landing, Jaffray led a company, crushing a Jaguars Binary, saving the Combine liaison, Elden Parkensen and taking a Bondsmen, Star Captain Kerndon.[16]

With the Highlanders trapped on planet, Jaffray's interrogation of Kerndon gave him a idea: using captured Jaguar equipment, he wanted to pose as Jaguars and launch a series of raids, drawing the Clan Nova Cat to Wayside to fight the Jaguars. Despite being apparently suicide, the Cat approved the plan. After helping crush another Jaguar headhunting attack led by Star Captain Roberta Jaffray and his task force departed.[17]

Jaffray's plan succeeded, and a reinforced Galaxy of Nova Cats followed them, engaging the Jaguars. By then, barely half of his company was operative, but Loren didn't stay out of the fight: infiltrating into the Jaguar battle lines, his people attacked them, with Jaffray killing Tau's commander, Galaxy Commander Devon Osis, saving the Nova Cat leader, Star Colonel Santin West. Ironically, West had been his adversary on Tarnby. Jaffray was wounded and was evacuated by Kerndon, but his actions helped convince West to depart from Wayside without fighting the Highlanders.[18]

Northwind Hussars[edit]

Jaffray's brilliantly unorthodox actions against Clan Smoke Jaguar during the Wayside operation convinced the Clan Elders that he was the man to command a new anti-Clan regiment, the Northwind Hussars. This move was not without consequences; some regimental commanders still did not fully trust Jaffray's Capellan origins, creating additional friction between the colonels and Clan Elders.[19]

Loren Jaffray was also behind the Hussars' use of Rose hunting tartan, a blue background overlaid primarily with green, secondarily with red. Jaffray's unorthodox decision was seemingly inspired after learning that Jeremiah Rose unsuccessfully petitioned the Clan Elders to form an anti-Clan unit before forming the Black Thorns mercenary unit, receiving Clan Rose's permission to use their tartan.[19] Following the crippling of Rianna Rose, Loren Jaffray joined her and Jeremiah's father Corneilus in petitioning the Clan Elders to allow the Black Thorns to recruit from the Highlanders.[20]


At the start of the Jihad, Loren Jaffray and the Northwind Hussars were stationed on Ueda in the employ of the Second Star League.[19]

By the late 3060s, Jaffray had become CO of the Ghosts of the Black Watch. The unit was badly mauled in January 3069 while assisting the rescue of Hohiro Kurita from the Blakist facility at Fortress Dieron. Jaffray and the survivors eventually escaped Dieron, pursued by the Opacus Venatori, on 23 March 3074, Loren led the remaining Ghosts in a recon on Odessa, falling into an ambush by the Venatori. The unit was effectively destroyed, with Loren's 'Mech downed by Precentor Berith and exploding, apparently killing him.[21][22]

Dark Age[edit]

Jaffray was declared KIA after the Jihad, but in fact he was still alive and operating clandestinely. By September 3083, his superior, Andrea Stirling, noted that he had not reported in for some time.[23]

Family and Children[edit]

Loren was very near of his granfather. His father was a Death Commando too, killed in action. In Northwind he had a romantic relationship with Chastity Mulvaney. At some point Jaffray had a child, as his granddaughter Cadha Jaffray was a lieutenant colonel in the Northwind Highlanders.[24]


Loren Jaffray’s Rifleman.

Jaffray's first known 'Mech, which he used in a Death Commando training operation, was a Hussar. In the battles for Northwind, he piloted a Gallowglas, a present from MacLeod, its previous pilot, until losing it in the last battle.

On Wayside V, Jaffray piloted a Penetrator.[25] Later, when he posed as a Smoke Jaguar officer, he piloted Kerndon's Warhawk.[26] During the 3067 Battle of Odessa, he piloted an RFL-6X Rifleman.[27][28] And in his final battle, he fielded a Clan Cauldron-Born.[29]



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