Lucas Beckett

Lucas Beckett
Born 3034
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Brotherhood of Randis
Rank Star Commander
Grand Knight of the Brotherhood of Randis
Profession MechWarrior

Lucas Beckett (born 3034[1] - died 3???) was a Clan Warrior that later went on to become the third Grand Knight of the Brotherhood of Randis.[2]



Lucas Beckett was a Star Commander and a member of the Josian Cloister of Clan Smoke Jaguar, having earned his Bloodname just previous to the start of Operation Bulldog.[1][2] When he was cut off from the rest of his unit on Albiero, he waged guerrilla warfare for months, until hearing of the Clans' defeat. Apparently frustrated with the Clans' inability to wrest victory away from the Inner Sphere, he bartered for transport off the planet for both his subordinate Carson and himself.[1]

The Brotherhood[edit]

Beckett arrived on Randis IV with his OmniMech in late 3060 and, with the apparent advantage of his Josian background, quickly adapted to the Brotherhood of Randis' similar moral code. Along with his 'Mech, his superior training was witnessed by Galahad Frews. His Clan background would soon influence the cadre's own philosophy.[1][2]

By late 3062, Beckett's political skills within the Brotherhood were advanced enough for him to pressure the Council into dismissing Frews as Grand Knight and appointing himself in that role. He has demonstrated that he is a good combat leader, though still lacking a bit in the political skills needed for diplomacy within the Inner Sphere and the Periphery. There was support from within both the Brotherhood and on Randis IV to have Frews return as Grand Knight, especially by those seeking to have the Clan influences removed. However, Frews distanced himself from these expectations.[1][2][3]

Under his aegis, the Brotherhood has engaged the Word of Blake's influence in the region, successfully checking their goals. He has allowed Frews to remain as titular head of Randis IV, which has resulted in the improvement of the standard of living on the planet. In recent years, he has brought in a number of other former Clan warriors, most notably Brother Nyleith, of Clan Coyote. Additional Smoke Jaguars had arrived on the planet in great numbers by 3076, but apparently had not yet been admitted to the Brotherhood.[1]

Lucas was still the Grand Knight and Commander of the Brotherhood in 3085. [4]

Title and Postion[edit]

Preceded by
Galahad Frews
Grand Knight of the Brotherhood of Randis
3062 - at least 3085

Succeeded by


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