Lucien Davion (Individual Avalon-class WarShip)

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Lucien Davion
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Avalon

The Lucien Davion was a WarShip named in honor of the First Prince Lucien Davion.


In service with the Loyalist forces during the FedCom Civil War, the Avalon-class cruiser Lucien Davion fought in the final naval engagement in the New Avalon system on the 8th of November 3066. Fighting alongside the Lucien Davion was a sister ship, the Alexander Davion [1] and a pair of Fox-class corvettes, the FCS Antrim[2] and FCS Murmansk.[1] Facing them were four Allied Foxes - the FCS Admiral Corinne Donnings, FCS Intrepid, FCS Kentares and FCS Robinson[2] - led by the Avalon-class FCS Melissa Davion.[1]

The resulting battle saw the Intrepid disabled and the Admiral Corinne Donnings destroyed in the early stages; the Kentares then maneuvered itself into close proximity with the Alexander Davion and executed a tactic that shocked both forces - the Kentares activated her K-F Drive, destroying both ships.[2] The Kentares and the Alexander Davion were the last ships to be destroyed in the battle, as the Lucien Davion surrendered after taking heavy damage and the Murmansk executed a jump from a pirate point, vanishing without trace.[1]

The FSS Lucien Davion subsequently served as the flagship of Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Tancred Sandoval from 3068 to 3076; it was later put in orbit of New Avalon as a permanent naval garrison by order of the Princess-Regent since 3076.[3]


During the Palmyra Disaster the Lucien was lost by First Prince's Caleb Davion fault: His orders to maintain the WarShip in geosynchronous orbit low-earth orbit directly over his command placed the ship on a poor position to respond to attacks an very vulnerable to ballistic bombardment. The WarShip fell to a concentrated attack of McFadden's Sky Storm, leaving the troops on the ground trapped, and were slaughtered by the Combine's Pocket WarShips.[4][5]


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