Lucinda Andruson

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Lucinda Andruson
Character Profile
Born 2474[1]
Died 2530[1]
Affiliation House Andruson
Title(s) Duchess of Bolan
Profession Noble
Spouse Robert Steiner[2]
Children Craig Steiner[2]

Lucinda Andruson was the Duchess of Bolan. wife of Robert Steiner and mother of Craig Steiner.[1]


Lucinda would marry Robert Steiner in 2511.[2]


While named as Duchess of Bolan in the Steiner family tree contained in House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth), the Free Worlds League conquered Bolan in 2441 and would continue to hold the planet until the First Succession War.[3] It is likely that Lucinda's claim on the title was as a Duchess-in-Exile or other symbolic declaration, rather than the wife of the Archon ruling a world controlled by an enemy nation.


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