Luella Hildebrand

Luella Hildebrand
AffiliationHouse Hildebrand

Luella Hildebrand was, as of July 3076, a Lieutenant in Stone's Lament and the executive officer of its Recon Squad Four.


After her Lyran Alliance Armed Forces squad suffered severe losses on Coventry, as part of a Lyran-Coalition agreement, Luella was assigned to Stone's Lament's Recon Squad Four in May 3076. She replaced its former XO Lieutenant Davison, who died defending a House Hogarth summer home on Hesperus II. Owing to the squad's losses under Lyran noble officer Thomas Hogarth, the noble-born Luella was not immediately trusted by her new commanding officer Jared Travis. He challenged her to earn his trust.[1]

In 3076, Recon Squad Four was deployed to Rochelle to scout out a Word of Blake installation and, if necessary, disable it.[2] En route, Luella, along with Franz Logan and squad doctor Grace Luther, were found by a Blakist Protectorate Militia soldier. Luella and the pacifist Grace killed him in self-defense, Luella sharing the blame to comfort Grace.[3]

The squad reached its destination, a warehouse Luella identified as a tracking center for a Space Defense System, on 11 July. There, the team engaged and defeated Manei Domini cyborgs, losing Busby Matvey in the process.[4] Luella soon fired on the tracking center's systems, overloading the SDS's power grid and disabling the defense system for the arrival of Stone's forces.[5]

Soon after the Rochelle SDS raid, on 17 July, Recon Squad Four was assigned a new task: to help deal with a Blakist-backed corporation in Rochelle's capital that refused to disarm.[5]

Appearance and Description[edit]

Luella was short and lithe.[1] She sometimes peppered her speech with German.[6]


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