Production information
Manufacturer Coyote Industrial

Trellshire Heavy Industries[1]

Production Year 2857[2]
Model Prime
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
'Mech type Clan OmniMech
Mass 60 tons
Chassis Lupus Endo Steel
Armor CI Ferro
Engine Vlar 300
Communications System CI-Com 4
Targeting Tracking System CI-X 2
Heat Sinks 10 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 86 km/h
Jump Jets Pod mounted

Primary Configuration

BV (2.0) 2,428[3]


The Lupus OmniMech was Clan Coyote's followup to the Coyotl. This heavy Omni was able to keep pace with an early Griffin and carried more armor protection as well. The pod-mounted nature of its systems allowed the Lupus to function as a cavalry raider and fast support 'Mech. The use of a standard engine made it much less vulnerable to a lucky shot, and the light weight of the armor and chassis allowed the designers to devote over a third of the weight to pod-based systems. The 'Mech was a great success and even after it was surpassed by new designs it served on for decades in Clan Coyote's second line formations.[4]

In 3147 the Lupus reentered production by Clan Sea Fox for sale to Inner Sphere and Clan forces.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The primary configuration of the Lupus replaces the Archer and Bombardier 'Mechs. A pair of LRM-20 launchers with improved Artemis IV guidance systems allows the warrior to destroy a foe before they can reach close range. The Lupus Prime also carries a set of jump jets which allowed a smart warrior the opportunity to hold the range open, bombarding the enemy with heavy missile barrages. The only drawback is the limited ammunition supply: A mere three tons of ammunition allows for only a brief engagement. Should the enemy close with the Lupus all is not lost. The ER Medium Laser in each arm allow the Lupus to slice off armor, and the ECM Suite makes the Lupus Prime more difficult to target.

Alternate Configurations[edit]

  • Alternate Configuration A 
    This configuration was used for direct fire support roles. A Large Pulse Laser in one arm supported an Ultra AC/10 in the other arm. A pair of ER Medium Lasers gave the Lupus A additional firepower in case the 'Mech went through all 30 reloads for the autocannon. Twelve double heat sinks kept the heat manageable. BV (2.0) = 1,927[5]
  • Alternate Configuration D 
    This configuration was also introduced by Clan Sea Fox. A Rotary AC/5 is in the right arm, with three tons of ammunition in the right torso. A Streak LRM-10 is in the left torso with a single ton of ammunition. An ER Medium Pulse Laser is in the left arm, and an ER Medium Pulse Laser is in the left torso covering the rear arc. BV (2.0) = 2,030[7]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Lupus has the following Design Quirks:[8]

Related 'Mechs[edit]

  • Mad Dog - Clan Smoke Jaguar based its now ubiquitous second-generation heavy OmniMech on the Lupus, and named it as a slur to its progenitors and their originating Clans.
  • Hellfire - Looking for a testbed on which to mount their newly developed Heavy Laser technology, Clan Star Adder drew a number of mothballed Lupus OmniMechs from Brian Caches. The heavy laser-armed Lupus proved so successful, the Adder Khans ordered almost 100 more Lupus OmniMechs retrofitted in 3058. The resulting Hellfire BattleMech also had its Vlar 300 engine replaced with a 240 Standard and MASC.[9][10]



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