Lustrix Commodities

Lustrix Commodities is the largest drug and pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Capellan Confederation. [1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Patterson, Wright, Sian Commonality [1] [2]

President/CEO: Norman Baker IV (circa 3025)[1] Nannette Baker (circa 3067)[2]


Founded on April 14th 2410, the modern Lustrix Commodities is responsible for nearly 40% of all drugs, medical support systems, prosthetic limbs and specialized anti-radiation burn treatments produced in the Confederation. Lustrix is also a large exporter of its wares to other realms, even if at times it was not strictly legal to do so. The bulk of its export ends up in the Free Worlds League, with exports to the Magistracy of Canopus and Taurian Concordat outstripping those to the Draconis Combine after the signing of the Trinity Alliance. The corporation aggressively pushed ties in both Periphery realms in the hopes of searching out new medical compounds to enhance its products. Lustrix's extensive R&D efforts, even during the Succession Wars era, prompted many government officials to overlook some of its more excessive trading practices.[1] [2]

Notably, Lustrix had similarly maintained good relations with ComStar and in the wake of the Schism, the Word of Blake. Previously being a major supplier to the Blessed Order, and even assisting ComStar in averting medical disasters on other worlds, with the formation of the Word of Blake Lustrix switched all its preferential contracts it held with ComStar to the splinter group, becoming the sole medical supplier to the Word. Seemingly in return for its loyalty to the splinter group, assistance from Word medical teams allowed Lustrix to improve its prosthetics department, making it almost the equal of the vaunted New Avalon Institute of Science. [2]

For most of its existence Lustrix was run by the Baker family, but the future continuation of this was threatened by the death of the last patriarch of the Baker line, Norman Baker IV, and his son in a hunting accident in early 3066. In the immediate aftermath, control of the corporation fell to his Terran-born wife Nannette Baker, whom Norman IV met during a Word of Blake trade mission on Terra. [2]


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