Luzerne 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates124.316 : 351.793[e]
Spectral classM0V[1]
Recharge time201 hours[1]
Recharge station(s)None[1]

System Description[edit]

Luzerne is located near the Schuyler and Byesville systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Luzerne VI[edit]

Luzerne VI
System positionSixth[1]
Jump Point distance3.14 days[1]
Moons1 (Gaines)[1]
Surface gravity1.00[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature37°C (Warm)[1]
Surface water71%[1]
Highest native lifeMammals[1]
Landmasses2 (Topeka, Perot)[35]
History and Culture
Population207,640,000 (3059)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
CapitalTopeka Bay[35]
HPG ClassB[1]

A relatively quiet and low-key world, Luzerne lacked any major industry or notable resources to warrant military or bandit assault. Combined with the world's variety of terrain and pleasant climate, Luzerne became a favored spot for those in the Draconis Combine looking to escape the ravages of warfare that have plagued the Inner Sphere for millennia.[35]

Luzerne's largest settlement in terms of footprint rather than population is New Old Idaho. A vast expanse of ferrocrete and prefabricated warehouses, New Old Idaho is the planet's primary import/export portal and commercial spaceport.[35]

Planetary History[edit]

Third Succession War[edit]

Prior to the Clan Invasion, the most notable event in the planet's history was the Topeka Mining Strike in 2876 when several miners unions protested their displacement by thousands of slave labor miners originally imported by House Kurita to construct New Old Idaho after an earthquake destroyed Luzerne's original spaceport. When the local mining consortium were bankrupted as their former offworld customers sourced their needs from the cheaper slave industries, union members blockaded slave quarries and triggered mass protests. Ultimately the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery broke the strike in 2879 and House Kurita quietly removed the imported labor, allowing the mining consortiums to take over the now abandoned facilities, which expanded the system's economic reach.[35]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

Targeted as part of Clan Smoke Jaguar's fourth invasion wave in August 3050, Luzerne was defended by survivors of the Ninth Alshain Regulars who'd escaped Clan Ghost Bear's attack on Jarett. Having brutally learned Clan tactics, the Ninth prepared and lured the Fourth Jaguar Dragoons' First and Second Trinaries Battle into well-orchestrated crossfire at Topeka Bay. The Jaguars were able to force their way out of the firing zone and circle behind the Ninth, which forced the Regulars to flee north while taking heavy casualties. Retreating towards their DropShips, the DCMS troops reached Lawrence Pass when the Dragoons appeared on the walls above, and the Ninth Alshain Regulars were virtually destroyed under the heavy fire from the Jaguars.[36]

After Operation REVIVAL[edit]

While seemingly placid and unassuming for most of its existence, the Jaguar occupation finally ignited patriotic passions, resulting in a significant increase in Internal Security Force assets on-world.[35]

On 7 July 3055, the DCMS and Explorer Corps staged a daring raid against the Smoke Jaguar command post on Luzerne. This raid saw the first combat for the new Okinawa-class DropShip. The DCS Ashi-oto took heavy damage during the rear-guard action and lost more than half its fighter complement, but it managed to inflict enough damage on the Congress-class CSJ Hunters' Pride that it was forced to withdraw. The Luzerne Memory Core was recovered in this raid, which considerably added to the Inner Sphere's knowledge of Clan equipment, particularly their naval vessels.[37][38][23]

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

Luzerne was invaded in the second and third waves of Operation BULLDOG by the Third Davion Guards RCT, ComStar's 208th Division, and Ryuken-roku. The defending Fourth Provisional Garrison Cluster, Sixth Striker Cluster, and Kappa Galaxy Command Trinary held out for some time before finally caving to Star League Defense Force troops.[39]

Military Deployment[edit]



- The unit was operating at 40% of full strength, with 80% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


Having water over more than 71% of its surface, the planet features two continents, the larger Topeka and vastly smaller Perot, as well as a number of smaller islands. The Luzerne's planetary capital of Topeka Bay is located in the only deep water bay on the Topeka continent's coastline. Though listed as the capital, in terms of population Topeka Bay is overshadowed by the city of Homer located in the middle of the Seattle Mountains in the center of Topeka. Homer's outward expansion limited by the surrounding mountain chain, Homer's citizenry expanded downward instead, crafting massive caverns and byways through the softer limestone of the mountains. Located nearby is Lawrence Pass, the only viable means of traversing the mountains to the rest of the continent.[35]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 28 systems (26 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Schuyler 15.4 Byesville 18.1 Savinsville 18.1 Albiero 26.6
Wolcott 27.0 Polcenigo 27.6 Courchevel 30.0 Labrea 30.1
Garstedt 30.3 Bilma 33.4 Nykvarn 36.9 Jezersko 40.5
Itabaiana 44.3 Hanover 44.7 Marshdale 44.7 Outer Volta 45.9
Casere 47.2 Ferranil 48.9 Soverzene 50.8 Brocchi's Cluster 51.0
Bangor 52.3 Turtle Bay 56.8 Last Frontier 57.1 Kiruna 59.6
Jeronimo 59.7 Almunge 59.9 Tuat 61.9 Juazeiro 63.1


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