Mótuö Chë Shang

Mótuö Chë Shang
Corporation Profile
Founding Year2467[1]
AffiliationCapellan Confederation
HeadquartersSaofeng (Sian II)[1]

Mótuö Chë Shang was a Capellan Confederation-based manufactuer of hand-crafted and ultra-exclusive motorcycles.[1][2]


A venerable family-owned enterprise, Mótuö Chë Shang hand-crafted exclusive motorcycles since 2467 when company founder Trun Shang secured its first contract to create a one-of-a-kind bike for a noble in the Chancellor's court. Becoming an exceedingly sought after status symbol for the nobles of the Confederation, each of the few dozen bikes the company finished per year were specially made to order, with no two bikes the same, each verging on artistic masterpieces. As with much of the Confederation, in the wake of the Xin Sheng revival, Howard Shang and a number of his dozen understudies had begun to include Chinese iconography in the bikes the company has produced.[1][2]

In 3067, the company was rumored to be working on a special bike for Sang-jiang-jun Talon Zahn. Also notable around this time was the arrival of Lupo Salazar, a native of the Free Worlds League planet of Sierra. Petitioning Shang for an apprenticeship in the Mótuö Chë Shang, Salazar was accepted after a seven-hour interview, his first project unique in the company's history: a street bike created with the hallmark care and devotion lavished on the company's cruisers.[1]


Components produced on Sian:
Component Type
Mótuö Chë Shang No. 2[2] Wheeled Vehicles


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