MM-1 MiningMech

Production information
Manufacturer Coventry Metal Works
Use IndustrialMech
Model MM-1
Class Light
Technical specifications
'Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 35 tons
Chassis Unspecified
Engine Unspecified
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
Speed km/h


Simply called the MiningMech, this design is a standard humanoid IndustrialMech created for asteroid mining.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The MiningMech is equipped with a rock cutter assembly in the right arm resembling a sharply angled "T", a bulbous mining drill in the left arm, and a trio of head- and chest-mounted mining lasers which are too weak to be considered weapons. A built-in analysis system, called "Assay", determines the vapor of the medium being worked on and gives a warning if the drilling lasers encounter ice; this helps prevent a dangerous steam eruption in zero-g environments.

The 'Mech is armored to protect it against meteor strikes and debris. For security and safety reasons its surface is typically polished silvery metal to achieve improved visibility on sensors. It also sports zenith and nadir camera displays for the views directly above and below the 'Mech for zero-g operations.

Using the rock cutter as a spike to brace against torque while drilling in zero-g was reported as "the number one cause of downtime for the MiningMechs", as this was a popular maneuver despite the assembly not being designed for that kind of stress.


  • MM-1S 
    The MM-1S variant replaces the treads on the MM-1 with an anchor system, with a sensor system in the foot pads determining whether to use electromagnets, grapples, or both to hold the 'Mech firmly to any surface. The feet are visibly outsized.


  • The mass of 35 tons is deduced from information in the story Pirates of Penance. When it first appears in the story, it is thought to mass 35 to 40 tons;[1]
  • A Grasshopper, which weighs 70 tons, is described as being "about twice the size" of the MiningMech. [2]
  • The MiningMech is later referred to as "an extra thirty tons of mass",[3] however at that time it has already suffered heavy damage, including the loss the rock cutter assembly and amputation of the entire right arm.


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