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BattletechMUX is a server for a text-based realtime rendition of BattleTech, the popular boardgame that was pioneered by FASA (now owned by Topps). However, instead of using a tabletop system like in the traditional boardgame, BattletechMUXes are persistent games which are enjoyed by people all over the world rather than gathered around a table. Players may take to the front lines on a variety of different games all built differently by different people. Some may be team oriented, others may focus on the individual. Some may emphasize sneaky, infiltration missions, others may be home to large-scale battles. BattletechMUX is varied and rich enough to provide different kinds of play styles.

BattletechMUX primarily uses rules that are now called Classic BattleTech, which are maintained by FanPro and hosted via Most of the game is crafted using the Classic BattleTech Master Rules (BMR), along with secondary and optional sources such as Maxtech and Solaris VII Map Pack. While we've tried to stay as true to the "normal" rules, we have had to make some adaptations since our game is real-time and the board game is turn-based. Along with accurate rules, we also have the vast majority of all FASA and Classic Battletech units available for use within BattletechMUX games.

Examples of BTMux:

Battletech: The Frontierlands...... port 5555 (Online but semi-dormant)

Battletech: 3065 .................. 3065

Battletech: 3030 located at ....... port 3030 (Offline)

Battletech: 3067 .................. 3067

Battletech: The Frontier Lands

Take sides on the Periphery planet, Randis IV, and assist the Lyran Commonwealth or the Capellan Confederation in their struggle for dominance, by claiming bases, destroying generators and relays, and defeating all enemies who try to defend them. Head to the front lines in one of over 400 units including: BattleMechs, Tanks, Battlesuits and VTOL to lay waste to all that stand in your path.

A text-based, real-time simulation of the popular BattleTech board game by FASA, using frequently changed, top down graphical maps in a 'Heads-Up' combat display for classic tabletop style feel.

Note: The Frontiers website has been taken down, but the server is still running at

     You can download the ThudNG client here: