BattleMech Mace

Appearing primarily on the arenas of Solaris VII, the Mace is a BattleMech scale Melee Weapon.


While initially little more than bulked out hatchets that traded a cutting edge for crushing ability when they first appeared in the Solaris Games in the mid 3050s, by 3060 the weapon had evolved into the heavier and distinctive definitive model. Despite finally reaching a production grade standard, the unwieldy and unbalanced nature of the mace compared to the hatchet or sword has made them rarely seen in general military 'Mech designs.


Game Rules[edit]

The Tactical Operations mace is an advanced weapon, weighs one ton and takes up one critical slot for each 10 tons of a 'Mechs weight, rounded up to the nearest ton. Because there are only eight critical slots free on a hand equipped arm, no 'Mech heavier than 80 tons may mount a Tactical Operations mace. It inflicts one point of damage for each four tons of the 'Mechs total weight. Due to the extra bulk of the weapon it has a +1 hit modifier and requires a piloting skill roll, with a +2 modifier, on each missed melee attack.

The Tactical Handbook (1994) mace follows the same rules as the hatchet save it does two points of damage for each five tons of the 'Mechs total weight, and can be used on 'Mechs of any size. Due to the extra bulk of the weapon it has a +2 to hit modifier and requires a piloting skill roll on each missed melee attack.

Both versions of the mace may only be mounted in the arm of a BattleMech and only on an arm which features a hand actuator.


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