Mad Dog II (MekTek)

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Mad Dog II (MekTek)
Mad Dog II
Production information
Manufacturer Unknown
Model Prime
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
Mass 75 tons
Chassis Unknown
Armor Unknown
Engine 300 XL
Speed 64 km/h


Due to the Mad Dog's popularity (particularly among the ranks of Clan Ghost Bear) the venerable BattleMech was brought back to the drawing board for a redesign and overhaul. The 'Mech was re-worked with the goal of increasing the Mad Dog's direct fire capabilities. To make room for a larger weapons payload, the 'Mech's mass was increased by 15 tons and an additional dorsal weapon pod was added. The Mad Dog II utilizes the same class of engine as the original, however the increased overall weight of the redesign meant a drop in the 'Mech's top speed.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

A combination of an Extended Range PPC in the right arm and an LB 20-X Autocannon in the left gives the Mad Dog Mk II impressive firepower at both long and short range. A pair of LRM 15's provide extra long range punch, while the design carries a dorsal mounted Heavy Medium Laser, two ER Small lasers, and a chin-mounted machine gun for close engagements.

The Mad Dog II also carries an ECM Suite.


There are no known variants.


  • This 'Mech was based on a fannon design before being added to an official product. [1]


This BattleMech was published in an official BattleTech product, namely the MekPak 3 expansion for the MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries video game. However, although official, computer games are not considered among the sources for Canon unless the information is expressly confirmed as canonical elsewhere. By virtue of being an official albeit not positively canonical product, the game expansion and the 'Mechs presented therein including this one must be considered apocryphal.